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    Buddhist Thoughts on Impermanence, Plutonium and Beauty Paid Member

    Lewis Richmond via the Huffington Post, More »
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    Dennis Genpo Merzel steps back up? Paid Member

    Adam Tebbe at Sweeping Zen groans over this latest bit of news from Kanzeon Zen Center: Since some Kanzeon members and others outside the Kanzeon community have objected to Genpo Roshi’s continuing to teach at the Center, and income from Big Mind has also decreased, and even though he is donating the proceeds from events outside the Center to Kanzeon, he is no longer able to support it to the extent that he has in the past.  As a result, the Board has regretfully concluded that in order to survive Kanzeon must sell off its properties in Salt Lake City. More »
  • Zen Sinners, Zen Saints: Tricycle Responds Paid Member

    The longtime Zen practitioner and writer Stuart Lachs recently criticized Tricycle for what he considers the magazine’s participation in the long tradition of Zen hagiography (see “When the Saints Go Marching In”). To support his argument, Lachs cites two articles Tricycle published, “Down East Roshi” (2009), about Walter Nowick, and “The Wanderer” (2008), an excerpt from Sheng Yen’s autobiography, Footprints in the Snow. More »
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    Watch beautiful video "108 Bowls: A Water Mala" Paid Member

    Happy World Water Day! In celebration of WWD, we're giving attention to water by watching "108 Bowls: A Water Mala." The beautiful video was produced by Hermitage Heart, an organization in Garrison, NY founded by Tricycle friend and contributor Bonnie Myotai Treace. From Hermitage Heart's website: More »
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    Zen and the art of misusing the word Zen Paid Member

    In “Alan Arkin Explains the Zen of Martin Scorsese,” a recent post on Speakeasy (a Wall Street Journal blog) one commenter took umbrage with the post’s title, writing: “Would you please stop abusing the word Zen?” More »
  • Rinzai Zen Zuiganji Temple Offered As Refuge for Tsunami Victims Paid Member

    "At the bottom of great doubt lies great awakening." -Hakuin Ekaku, the great Zen master revered for revitalizing the Rinzai Zen tradition in Japan. The Zuiganji temple in Matsushima is a very important and historically significant temple in the Rinzai tradition of Zen Buddhism. Sadly, Matsushima was one of the areas hit hard by the recent earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. I was very touched to learn this morning that this beautiful temple was opened up as a shelter for survivors of tsunami, and to have been shown these heart warming photographs of compassion in action. via the twitter feeds of @nmlewan and @arustaky (thanks to @regretblues for letting us know) More »