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  • Castles Made of Sand: A Discussion Paid Member

    In our current issue, Andrew Olendzki writes a piece titled, Castles Made of Sand, in which he discusses a conversation that took place between the Buddha and an elder monk named Radha in the Samyutta Nikaya.Interestingly, the conversation is about sand castles, showing that over 2,500 years that creating sand castles was just as much a beloved pastime of children as it is today. In the conversation between the Buddha and Radha, the Buddha points out that the meaning and value placed upon sand castles is temporary and is rooted in nothing beyond the mind of whoever perceives it. Olendzki continues on to explain that this teaching in fact relates to much more than just sand castles—it applies to everything: meaning is created, not discovered.I never thought of this piece as controversial in any way, so was surprised when gave rise to a somewhat charged debate. More »
  • Do you believe in Karma? Paid Member

    For last Thursday's Daily Dharma, we sent out this excerpt from an interview with Stephen Batchelor, "Starting from Scratch": What, then, did you conclude were distinctly Buddhist ideas?  Four things stand out. One is the principle of dependent origination, or “conditioned arising,” as I call it; the second is the practice of mindful awareness—being focused upon the totality of what is happening in our moment-to-moment experience; the third is the process of the Four Noble Truths, which includes the Eightfold Path; and fourth, the principle of self-reliance—how the Buddha really wanted his students to become autonomous in their understanding of the dharma, and not to generate dependencies upon either the memory of him or upon some authority figure within the monastic community. More »
  • Books That Brought People To Buddhism Paid Member

    The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.-Dr. Seuss More »
  • This Buddhist Life: Interviews with Everyday Practitioners Paid Member

    Tricycle has long been known for publishing interviews with Buddhist masters and prominent figures within the world of Buddhadharma, but we have also always been interested in the views and experiences of practitioners that may not be as well known. The greater Buddhist Sangha does not begin and end with its leaders. More »
  • The Heart of Buddhist Practice Paid Member

    The heart of this teaching is zazen, or meditation in a sitting posture, from which all understanding derives. This, in case you were wondering why we called our first Tricycle Community offering "The Big Sit." The quote is from Dogen scholar Kazuaki Tanahashi's Enlightenment Unfolds: The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Dogen. Each week we'll be exploring Kaz's introduction to Dogen's teachings in our weekly Tricycle Community discussions. If you'd like to join us in the discussion, here's the first part and here's the second. More »