Tibetan Government in Exile

  • Dalai Lama Stepping Down as Political Leader: Progress, Fear, Skillful Means, and Sadness Paid Member

    Below is an excerpt from a very interesting article on the Dalai Lama's recent decision to abdicate his role as the political leader of the Tibetan people and the ongoing aftermath of the decision. In stepping down, the Dalai Lama isn't just ending his political career, but is also ending a system of governance that has been in place in Tibet since 1642, as well as barring future Dalai Lamas from taking up the preeminent political position. While many people, particularly Tibetans, are resistant to this change and do not want to see their beloved leader step down, there are also many that see this decision as crucial for the future of Tibetan culture in exile.As the scholar Jeff Watt explains, More »