• Tibet in National Geographic Paid Member

    More beautiful pictures (and more) from National Geo. [Photo: A Tibetan boy dresses up as a Chinese policeman. By Steve McCurry.] More »
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    The E.U. and China; Patriotic Re-education for Tibet Paid Member

    The E.U. and China prepare to politely disagree about Tibet. Anti-Tibet (and anti-France) protests intensify. France tries to cool China off. Plus more hate for Grace Wang. China launches a "patriotic education" drive in Tibet. Polish up those jackboots and truncheons and string up the festive barbed wire. More »
  • "China to extend crackdowns" says Tibet's PM; DL at Mayo Clinic Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama visits Minnesota and discusses meditation and compassion. The meditation talk will include Daniel Goleman and will be for Mayo Clinic employees only. He also gave a thank-you scarf to his physician, Dr. More »
  • The Torch in India, Australia Paid Member

    The relay begins amid heavy security in New Delhi. Meanwhile, China cancels its plan to open Tibet on May 1st and seals the borders. And if you wonder why Nepal is cracking down on protesters so hard: Chinese security police in athletic wear can be seen lounging in tea shops and strolling the sole street in the border town of Liping. They shadow three Associated Press journalists from the moment they arrive, ordering them not to take photographs — on Nepalese territory. More »
  • China resists Japanese pressure; more than 500 arrested in Nepal Paid Member

    Japan urges China to work out the Tibet situation peacefully. China tells Japan that Tibet is a domestic issue. In other words, buzz off. More than 500 Tibetan protesters arrested in restless Nepal. More »
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    New Tibet Museum in Beijing Paid Member

    A museum in Beijing that tells the Chinese side of the story and buries any notion of an independent Tibet. This is the viewpoint Chinese citizens are being bombarded with every minute. For example, when the international news came to the protests, the screens went black in China. Beijing is being scrubbed clean -- and this includes the news. And Chinese internet users are taking to the web to fight back against what they see as international bias against their country -- seeing red, if you will. More »