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    Ariyaratne to speak in Michigan Paid Member

    Danny Fisher tells us that Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, one of the titans of contemporary Buddhism and champion of nonviolence, will be speaking at Eastern Michigan University this September 21st. Over the years, in the face of violence and intimidation, Dr. Ariyaratne has made a brave journey seeking peace in war-torn Sri Lanka and across the globe. See Sarvodaya USA for more information. More »
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    Death in Sri Lanka Paid Member

    73 killed in recent fighting in Sri Lanka. 70,000 estimated killed since 1983. More »
  • Smooth Run in Australia Paid Member

    The Canberra run went smoothly enough. And more horrifying violence in Sri Lanka - perhaps 90 dead in one day. More »
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    Sri Lanka's ongoing war Paid Member

    Casualties for the year approach 3,000. More »
  • Violence in Sri Lanka and Thailand, Natural gas revenue in Burma Paid Member

    Burma's trade hit an all-time peak last year: $8.7 billion, much of it in natural gas exports to Thailand, according to the Bangkok Post. (UPDATE: Danny Fisher has a great post on remembering Burma today, with an amazing, Pulitzer-prize winning photo by Reuters photographer Adrees Latif as well.) The Tamil Tigers ask Norway to intervene in the vicious Sri Lankan civil war. More »