Rick Bass

  • In Namibia: The grand black rhinos of the red desert Paid Member

    As Buddhists, our compassion shouldn't begin and end with human beings. For this reason, every issue of Tricycle features an "Animal Realm" column on our sentient, non-human friends. In the current issue, Rick Bass writes about the incredible black rhinos of the Namib Desert. At one point, he considers the relationship between interdependence and extinction. From "In Namibia": More »
  • This week on tricycle.com Paid Member

    Last week, Gene Smith was honored with the opening of the Gene Smith Library at the Minorities University in Chengdu, China. Smith had left the university his collection of Tibetan texts. In the Summer 2011 issue of Tricycle, Noa Jones also honors the life of the late, eminent scholar of Tibetan Buddhism.From "The Man who Saved Tibetan Buddhism": More »