• China resists Japanese pressure; more than 500 arrested in Nepal Paid Member

    Japan urges China to work out the Tibet situation peacefully. China tells Japan that Tibet is a domestic issue. In other words, buzz off. More than 500 Tibetan protesters arrested in restless Nepal. More »
  • Meat and Murder; Our Foreign Policy Experts Paid Member

    Is there more crime near slaughterhouses? And you may have heard about the recent confusion between Nepal and Tibet by a member of President Bush's crack team of foreign policy experts. Get the scoop from the Worst Horse. More »
  • Mikel Dunham on Nepal's Election Day Paid Member

    Mikel Dunham's blog is excellent on Nepal and many other things, and of course has beautiful photographs. Today being Election Day in Nepal, it's essential. Here's the AP on the vote-counting. More »
  • Nepal's Election; World Food Crisis; How to Cook Your Life Paid Member

    Nepal's election is here, but it may be dangerous to vote. Manjushree Thapa writes: Democracy may be imperfect, but unlike absolute systems like Maoism and monarchism, it incorporates mechanisms to correct its own flaws. So, yes: I am planning to risk my life to vote today. Not that the election will resolve much. Most Nepalis recognize that it will, in fact, send our country into an era of heightened instability. Plus the world's growing food crisis, and how biofuels are at least somewhat to blame. And speaking of food, I recently watched the first half of "How to Cook Your Life", a movie about Edward Espe Brown, the author of The Tassajara Bread Book, teaching people to make bread as part of their Zen practice. More »