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    Burma Death Toll Revised Downard Paid Member

    The death toll is revised down but the terrible suffering remains. “We saw very, very few serious injuries,” said Frank Smithuis, head of the substantial mission in Myanmar for Doctors Without Borders. “You were dead or you were in O.K. shape.” The cyclone swept away bamboo huts throughout the delta; in the hardest-hit villages, it left almost no trace of habitation. More »
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    Burma's Rice Farmers Paid Member

    Problems for Burma's farmers. Nargis is affecting the world food supply, and the junta's management of the situation -- and forced evictions of people in affected areas -- isn't helping. Burma's farmers also need diesel fuel in order to plant rice. With a kleptocracy at home they must look for help abroad. Falling rice production will lead to shortages in the future for both Burma and southeast Asia. In years past Burma was the world's leading rice producer but under the junta those numbers have fallen off. More »
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    Damage from Nargis still unknown Paid Member

    Six weeks post-Nargis we still don't know the full extent of the damage or loss of life. The Burmese affected by the storm are still in urgent need of aid. But as the junta lets aid workers fan out across the delta, they also released 15 of Aung San Suu Kyi's supporters. The survivors of China's earthquake struggle to rebuild their lives. Beijing has drawn criticism for its handling of the crisis, but would any other government have done much better? Buddha Space has a review of The Teachings of Ajahn Chah. More »
  • Burmese Still Lack Aid Paid Member

    A month after the storm, hundred of thousands of Burmese still have received no aid. Moe than 69,000 people have died in the earthquake in China's Sichuan province, and because many of the survivors did not have insurance (or the right kind of insurance) they're finding themselves out in the cold. And more on incense being bad for your lungs. More »
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    Monks Succeed Where Junta Fails Paid Member

    The junta has proved itself paranoid and incompetent in dealing with the cyclone, so the monks are taking over. Amazing what a little compassion can do. More »
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    Burma lets in aid workers; cyclone a "window of opportunity" for dialogue with junta Paid Member

    Burma has finally approved visas for aid workers waiting to get into the country. 2.5 million people are estimated to be in need of aid. The U.S. Navy is apparently still waiting, though the junta's being a little leery fo the U.S. military shouldn't surprise or offend anyone. Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, the U.N.'s former special rapporteur with Burma, says that the cyclone has opened a "window of opportunity" for dialogue with the junta, though terrible obstacles still remain and he describes the junta as paranoid. More »