• 10 Steps to a Mindful Wedding Paid Member

    On July 25th my fiancée, Courtney, and I got married. It was truly incredible, partly because now I never have to say the word fiancée again. While other people said girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, for 14 months we used this flowery French term that made it sound like we were constantly one-upping everyone. “Oh, you got married in a hotel? My fiancée and I are getting married in a barn in Vermont.” Even the mundane began to sound pretentious: “My fiancée and I had cereal for breakfast.” (And of course we used Dom Perignon instead of milk.) More »
  • Digital Warriorship Paid Member

    This book is dedicated to any person who wants to be ready at any moment for anything. To the person who has dedicated themselves to a life of examination, of practice. This is a dedication to warriorship, in its many forms, but particularly as it applies to the digital realm.-Gwen Bell, Digital Warriorship More »