Martine Batchelor

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    If you see a Buddha in the road, ask which gender pronouns they prefer and then kill them. - - One day Atticus lay down in the snow, and called out, “Help me up! Help me up!” His mother came and gave him some cold-pressed juice. Atticus got up and went away because that’s how unschooling works. - - What is your original personal brand before you were born? - - If a minimalist curates a 10-item fall capsule wardrobe but doesn’t blog the experience and doesn’t count her Acne Pistol Boots as one of the 10 items, has she really edited her closet? More »
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    “That is Martine just before I shaved her head,” the monk exclaimed. He pointed to the inside of a souvenir book featuring photographs of past residents at Songgwangsa, a Zen temple in southwestern Korea. Everyone else recognized the woman in the photograph. I did not. The woman, of course, was me.   I had never seen the picture. It captured a young lady with glasses and long dark hair, about 22 years old. I took a photo of the photo for my record. Whenever I look at the image, I have the same strange feeling of non-identification. I don’t feel that I know who this person is: What was she like? What were her hopes and aspirations?   More »
  • At the Book Club: A discussion of Martine Batchelor's The Spirit of the Buddha Paid Member

    The discussion of Sharon Salzberg's Real Happiness is going so well at the Tricycle Book Club, we figured we should open up a forum to discuss another book as well. So now, in addition to Sharon's book, we're talking about Martine Batchelor's The Spirit of the Buddha.From the Winter 2010 issue's "Books in Brief":  More »
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    Steve Hagen's Dharma Field Zen Center in Minneapolis is housed in a former church. Steve told me a few years ago it caused a bit of a stir in the neighborhood when the Zen group brought down the steeple but all was calm when I visited a few summers back. I'd gone there to meet Steve and to visit Martine and Stephen Batchelor, who were at Dharma Field leading meditations and giving talks on the life of the Buddha. More »