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    Karmapa Addresses Gathering in Dharamsala Paid Member

    The following transcript and photos comprise a press release regarding 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje's first public comments since the Indian police raided his monastery on Friday—seizing over $700,000 in donations. Since the raid, there has been a world-wide showing of support for the lama as well as controversy surrounding widely questioned reports and accusations that he is a Chinese spy. More »
  • 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje's Monastery Raided Paid Member

    UPDATE: We have received plenty of emails objecting to the source that suggested "other Tibetan factions" may be "fanning" the story. This is entirely unsubstantiated and pure speculation. There is no reason for us to believe this is true and we regret including the quote that suggested otherwise. Indian police raided the monastery of Ogyen Trinley Dorje, 17th Karmapa, on Friday, seizing large amounts of cash—donations from followers that have been saved over the years.  According to one source, "the Indian media has been incredibly irresponsible, suggesting that the Karmapa is a Chinese spy, etc.  These stories are probably being fanned by other Tibetan factions."We are keeping an eye on the situation and ask that anyone with any particular insight into what's going on share their knowledge here or to email info@tricycle.com. Thank you, Monty McKeever More »
  • Massive Rally in Support of Karmapa to Take Place Sunday Paid Member

    When Ogyen Trinley Dorje, one of the two lamas recognized as the 17th Karmapa, escaped from the Chinese in 2000 he was granted asylum in India.  However, due to pressure from the Chinese government, the Indian government quickly put him under close watch and put heavy restrictions on his ability to travel.  This week, as the Karmapa is giving teachings in Dharamsala, a huge rally in Sikkim is being organized by his supporters to put pressure on the Indian government to lift these travel restrictions so that he can return to his home monastery Rumtek, which is in Sikkim.  For more information on the rally, please visit www.karmapatorumtek.org More »
  • The Karmapa on the Environment Paid Member

    I recently came across this interview in the Asia Sentinel with Ogyen Trinley Dorje, one of the two young lamas recognized as the 17th Karmapa.  It is a great interview and I recommend reading the whole thing, but this passage in particular jumped out at me. The distance between humans and the environment is becoming wider and wider and likewise, we are bringing more and more harm to the environment by using it indiscriminately. Actually, before using the environment, we should think; it is very important to think of the consequences of indiscriminate destruction of the environment. Lack of mindfulness is creating a lot of problems. More »
  • India denies Karmapa visit to US Paid Member

    Denied permission to travel to Europe earlier this year, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa and most prominent member of the Kagyu lineage, has again faced travel restrictions. If all had gone well, he'd have arrived in New York this week but was denied an exit visa in what appears to be a concession to Chinese interests. The India Times reports: "The Karmapa was scheduled to attend prayer sessions being organized by Karma Triyana Dharamchakra center in Woodstock in New York that began yesterday (Wednesday), but Indian authorities refused to grant him permission to visit there," Gompa Tsering, Karmapa's secretary, said. More »