• iPhone Apps, Conflict Minerals, and Awareness Paid Member

    Last Thursday, our Editor & Publisher James posted the blog What kind of Buddhist iPhone app do you want? As you can probably guess (and as is stated in the blog), we are looking into developing one and would like feedback about what exactly people would like to see in a Tricycle app. On Friday I posted James' blog to our Facebook page. We received several responses, good ideas, people wanting us to be less iPhone specific (Blackberry and Android) etc. Then this comment was posted: The Genocide Behind Your Smart Phonehttp://businessnews.za.msn.com/gallery.aspx?cp-documentid=155399549 More »
  • 5 (more) Buddhist iPhone apps Paid Member

    Tuaw.com, "the unofficial apple weblog," posted a blog today titled "5 apps for the Buddhist," the newest installment of their ongoing "5 apps for" series.  We have reported a few times in the past on Buddhist iPhone apps and we very highly recommend the free Access to Insight app (a mobile version of the Access to Insight website containing over 1,000 suttas, essays and audio talks by scholars and teachers, and much more) but this new list seems quite promising as well. From the list on Tuaw.com, More »
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    Apple consumers as religious adherents Paid Member

    We already know that there’s an iPhone app for enlightenment, but is it possible that Apple itself is a religion? In an interesting blog post at the Atlantic, entitled “The Varieties of Religious Experience: How Apple Stays Divine,” Alexis Madrigal highlights the work of scholars who study Apple’s consumers as religious devotees. In particular, Madrigal focuses on the work of media scholar Heidi Campbell from Texas A&M, who discusses four myth narratives that consumers are told and tell themselves to attach themselves to the brand. Campbell summarizes these narratives like this: More »
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    iPhone Meditation Redux Paid Member

    Mobile phones work hard to keep us constantly connected and accessible in both our personal and public/ professional lives. As such they may not seem like the most likely candidates to provide a moment of peace, clarity, or stillness in your life, but as mentioned on this blog just about a year ago, there are many meditation-based apps and just plain Buddhist apps that might provide you some relief from the relentless clang, zip, and buzz of modern life. More »