• Tricycle's 2011 Pilgrimages to India Paid Member

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    Ancient Monastery Discovered in Gujarat - Updated Paid Member

    From the Times of India: Gujarat State Archaeological Department has discovered a small size Buddhist monastery in Gujarat's Vadnagar, which dates back to 1,900 years. According to a report in Desh Gujarat, the walls of the discovered monastery were built using bricks. The 55 by 55 ft size monastery had a total of 12 cells for residual purpose of monks, with its entrance on the Northern direction. "This Buddhist monastery probably belongs to 2nd to 4th century era. More »
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    London, Gate 6; Tokyo, Gate 11; Kushinagar, Gateless Gate Paid Member

    The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh wants an airport at Kushinagar to serve the "Buddhist circuit." Kushinagar is where the Buddha attained parinirvana. Wikipedia: As the scene of his death, [Kushiniagar] became one of the four holy places declared by the Buddha (in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta (ii. More »
  • The Torch in India, Australia Paid Member

    The relay begins amid heavy security in New Delhi. Meanwhile, China cancels its plan to open Tibet on May 1st and seals the borders. And if you wonder why Nepal is cracking down on protesters so hard: Chinese security police in athletic wear can be seen lounging in tea shops and strolling the sole street in the border town of Liping. They shadow three Associated Press journalists from the moment they arrive, ordering them not to take photographs — on Nepalese territory. More »
  • The Flame in Delhi Paid Member

    Remember that Tibetans tried to storm the Chinese embassy here in March. Security will be tight. India's relations with China are fragile enough already. More »
  • Torch comes to India; more voices against a U.S. boycott Paid Member

    The torch comes to India, home of the Tibetan exile community. (But the DL is in the U.S., currently getting a checkup at the Mayo Clinic -- he has good insurance.) Several protesters have been arrested in India already. Walter Mondale says theres no need for a boycott. Mondale, as Carter's VP, was involed in the boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Bush's foreign policy expert Stephen Hadley (the man who confused Nepal and Tibet) called boycotting the opening ceremonies a "cop-out" and said that instead, the U.S. More »