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    According to the creators of Tiger Balm, this is what Buddhist hell looks like Paid Member

    Most children expect a day of carefree fun and enjoyment when visiting a theme park. Singapore's Haw Par Villa, however, aims to educate its visitors. That is, through grotesque and terrifying 3D displays of Buddhist hells. More »
  • Hell Realms (Best of) Paid Member

    Move over, Dante.  The cruel, gratuitously layered tortures of the Narakas, or "hell realms," rival those of any Abrahamic tradition.  Unlike the latter, though, those Buddhist hells don't last for an eternity—some only have durations of billions of years.  Phew. The Intense Heating Hell The beings in this hell are trapped inside blazing metal houses, and Yama's henchmen impale them through the heels and the anus with tridents of red-hot iron, until the prongs push out through the shoulders and the crown of the head.  At the same time their bodies are wrapped in sheets of blazing metal. More »