• Himalayan Buddhist Art 101: Sacred Geometry, Part 1 Paid Member

    Buddhist practice and Buddhist art have been inseparable in the Himalayas ever since Buddhism arrived to the region in the eighth century. But for the casual observer it can be difficult to make sense of the complex iconography. Not to worry—Himalayan art scholar Jeff Watt is here to help. In this "Himalayan Buddhist Art 101" series, Jeff is making sense of this rich artistic tradition by presenting weekly images from the Himalayan Art Resources archives and explaining their roles in the Buddhist tradition. Sacred Geometry, Part 1 The geometry of the sacred in Buddhism is not the same as the study of iconometric measurements and grids. While the latter is used exclusively by artists to form deity and mandala diagrams to aesthetically pleasing proportions, the former is the understanding of shapes, functions, contexts, concepts, and colors of Tantric imagery and visualization. More »