Gaylon Ferguson

  • Meditators: Stand Up! Paid Member

    When people think of meditation, they most commonly think of a person sitting cross-legged on the floor or a cushion. Many might be surprised to learn that in the Buddha's instructions to his disciples, he actually placed equal emphasis on "sitting, standing, walking, and lying down" (a phrase that appears throughout the Pali Canon). This came to mind when I watched the first talk of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, Natural Bravery, when the very first practice that Gaylon recommended for the retreatants was standing meditation. In this week's talk Gaylon explains, More »
  • Tricycle Retreats: Coming Soon! Gaylon Ferguson on Natural Bravery Paid Member

    Thank you to Professor Rita Gross for the incredible month of teachings she offered in her Tricycle Retreat, Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners. As with all Tricycle Retreats, the teachings will remain available on as part of our Wisdom Collection after the retreat is over, so if you haven't joined yet, it's not too late!Beginning September 5th, Gaylon Ferguson, a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and professor at Naropa University, will be leading a Tricycle Retreat titled Natural Bravery, in which he will discuss fear and fearlessness as a path to awakening. Ferguson introduces these teachings in his piece from our Fall 2011 issue: More »