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    There is a man who travels around the world trying to find places where you can stand still and hear no human sound. It is impossible to feel calm in cities, he believes, because we so rarely hear birdsong there. Our ears evolved to be our warning systems. We are on high alert in places where no birds sing. To live in a city is to be forever flinching. The Buddhists say there are 121 states of consciousness. Of these, only three involve misery or suffering. Most of us spend our time moving back and forth between these three. Blue jays spend every Friday with the devil, the old lady at the park told me. More »
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    To showcase the richness of Tibetan ghost stories and to celebrate Halloween, Trace Foundation invited you to send in your scariest, most hair-raising entries for a Tibetan ghost story competition. Learn more about Trace Foundation and their work over at More »