Dick Allen

  • Hoping for Snow in Dark December: A Balm in Troubled Times Paid Member

    Dear Grandson Lincoln,I once read of a cameraman who believed that nothing was quite so beautiful as scenes filmed through slowly falling snow.Ever since, even in December's darkest days, I hope for such a snowfall. If it arrives, I put aside all troubles. l simply watch snow coming down.I hope you'll forever do the same.You'll need such ways of escape because you're growing up in these Internet and 24-hour-news cycle years of constant worry. Radical terrorists may come, you fear. Bombs may explode as you watch a marathon race or sit in a movie theater or at a concert.Yet I want to tell you, Lincoln, you can handle this. Your fears are not unique. More »
  • Dick Allen Reads Poetry For The Tricycle Community Paid Member

    Five recordings of the great Buddhist poet Dick Allen are now available on the homepage of the Tricycle Community.  They are: “Zen Living”, “The American Zen Master”, “At the Shrine of the Lost Cause”, “Plum”, and “Meditation on Poems for the Nine Monks”. I had the tremendous privilege of getting to record this audio over the phone with Mr. Allen earlier this year. A massive snowstorm was bombarding New York City and I remember hanging on to his every word and phrase, completely losing track of time and space as I gazed out of our office window at giant snowflakes falling past the bricks and fire escapes of Tribeca.   It was quite an experience.  I am very happy to share them with you all now. They can be found here on the Tricycle Community homepage. More »