• Diversity and Debate: Can Buddhists Be More Skillful? Paid Member

    For today's Daily Dharma, we chose the following quote from Rita Gross's piece, Buddhism and Religious Diversity, from our current issue, Right speech is a vast, important topic in Buddhist training, and nowhere is it more important than in delicate conversations across religious lines. In our current context, arguments or debates about religion are counterproductive and only produce more sorrow and anguish. As Buddhists, we want to avoid participating in or contributing to the contentious atmosphere that permeates much public discourse about religious diversity. More »
  • Do you believe in Karma? Paid Member

    For last Thursday's Daily Dharma, we sent out this excerpt from an interview with Stephen Batchelor, "Starting from Scratch": What, then, did you conclude were distinctly Buddhist ideas?  Four things stand out. One is the principle of dependent origination, or “conditioned arising,” as I call it; the second is the practice of mindful awareness—being focused upon the totality of what is happening in our moment-to-moment experience; the third is the process of the Four Noble Truths, which includes the Eightfold Path; and fourth, the principle of self-reliance—how the Buddha really wanted his students to become autonomous in their understanding of the dharma, and not to generate dependencies upon either the memory of him or upon some authority figure within the monastic community. More »
  • True or False: Humans Have Innate Buddha-Nature Paid Member

    Noah Levine, from chapter 2 of his new book The Heart of the Revolution, More »