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    China Jails 30 Paid Member

    Jail sentences for those accused of participating in last month's protests / riots. More »
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    Free Tibet flags Paid Member

    Made in China. But so is everything else. China is a factory. Its decisions are business decisions. More »
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    China agrees to meet Dalai Lama's envoys Paid Member

    At heart China is a business, and this turmoil was hurting the bottom line: China appeared to bend to international pressure on Friday as the government announced it would meet with envoys of the Dalai Lama, an unexpected shift that comes as violent Tibetan demonstrations in western China have threatened to cast a pall over the Beijing Olympics in August. More »
  • Rudd and Hu; Buddhism and Gender Paid Member

    Buddhism and gender, from the Lehigh University newspaper. Plus, an account of Tibetan Buddhism from the Chinese media and the story of a Tibetan refugee in Salt Lake City. Hu Jintao and Kevin Rudd of Australia are having an interesting back and forth over the Tibet issue: President Hu Jintao made a terrific speech at the opening of the Boao Forum on Hainan island that Rudd attended. More »
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    Dalai Lama to US: Help Resolve Tibet Crisis; Torch Everest Coverage Altered Paid Member

    If he only knew the U.S. can't stand up to China. Japan, a little irked at China's belligerent rhetoric, will allow protests when the torch visits. More »
  • Torch keeps running into trouble: Pro-China groups battle pro-Tibet groups Paid Member

    One of the torch bearers pulls out of the Canberra, Australia section of the torch's run: The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) president and the ACT Australian of the Year, Lin Hatfield-Dodds, says she is taking a stand for human rights. The Olympic torch has become a beacon for pro-Tibet supporters as it makes its way around the world in the lead up to the Beijing Games. Ms Hatfield-Dodds says the recent scenes in Tibet are disturbing. "For many other people globally the torch has come to stand for a symbol around human rights and around rights for citizens," she said. "I felt I really needed to be very clear in my stance, which is very pro-human rights obviously, so I've chosen not to run." More »