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    Rescuers Struggle to Reach Quake Survivors Paid Member

    There are as many 12,000 dead in China after the quake, plus hundreds of thousands injured and homeless, and there may be more quakes to come in the region. Those suffering here are not the ones who ordered troops into Lhasa or tanks into Tienanmen Square, but even if they were, in a previous life, whether you take that literally or not, each one of them was your mother, and in yet another life, your child. More »
  • Death Toll Rises Again from Storm in Burma; Karmapa visit; Beijing Accuses TYC of Terror Ties Paid Member

    More than 22,000. The junta allows aid to trickle in. The Karmapa's visit to the U.S. is coming up. His schedule is on this site. At Tricycle we're obligated to mention the controversy over who is the 17th Karmapa, and that there are duelling Karmapas, but this site, which of course has an agenda, says it's a non-issue. It is true that the Karmapa who is coming to the U.S. has a bigger following here, which may explain why he is coming. More »
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    Dalai Lama's Envoys Head to China Paid Member

    The talks will be "informal" and their visit will be "brief". Update: The torch in Hong Kong. More »
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    Ant-French boycott fizzles Paid Member

    It's hard to stay mad at the French. They make such nice things. More »
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    More Arrests in Tibet Ahead of Everest Photo-Ops Paid Member

    China doesn't care what you think: China has stepped up persecution of Buddhist monks with mass detentions, Tibet activists said Wednesday, as China prepares to take the Olympic torch to the top of Mount Everest. The actions came a day after six monks were given lengthy prison sentences in the first trial of rioters since deadly violence in Tibet's capital last month. More »
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    Torch enters China Paid Member

    After a troubled world tour, the torch arrived on Chinese soil, in Hong Kong. Several potential protesters were turned away at the airport. More »