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    China - Tibet talks begin, and we have.... Silence? Paid Member

    At least from the inside. No news about what went on behind closed doors between the Dalai Lama's envoys and the Chinese government. However, we do have some delicious sound bytes from both parties on the day of the talks, keeping with their usual messages to international media. From Tibetan government in exile: Hoping for results, while reiterating the call for international support of Tibet's not-quite-independence. From those in employ of the Chinese government: The Dalai Lama's followers incited violence. In conclusion, more of the same. Still, it doesn't have to mean more of the same ahead. I hope for the best, and look forward to good news when the talks are done. More »
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    U.S. Ships Leave Burma; Quake Parents' Anguish in China Paid Member

    TNR calls for action against the Burmese junta. But instead U.S. Navy ships are leaving the region, still filled with food and mecial supplies they were not allowed to distribute. And parents of the many children who were killed when their schools collapsed in the China quake -- hundreds collapsed wile government buildings remained standing -- continue to bravely express their grief and anger in the face of police pressure to shut up and go home. More »
  • Burmese Still Lack Aid Paid Member

    A month after the storm, hundred of thousands of Burmese still have received no aid. Moe than 69,000 people have died in the earthquake in China's Sichuan province, and because many of the survivors did not have insurance (or the right kind of insurance) they're finding themselves out in the cold. And more on incense being bad for your lungs. More »
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    Public Enemy of All Mankind Paid Member

    Actress Sharon Stone, whose controversial comments on the China Quake being karmic payback for repression in Tibet (mentioned in a comment by tiny thinker on this post) has been dropped from ads in China by Dior at China's request. China's label for Stone: "public enemy of all mankind." Where's Michelle Malkin when you need her? Speaking of strident overreactions, China has been crying terror about the Olympics for some time. The New York Times's Nicholas Kristof went to western China to check it out. More »
  • After the Quake, Fingers Point at Beijing Paid Member

    An estimated 10,000 children died in the earthquake in Sichuan province in China, and aftershocks are still echoing through the region. In one school with 900 children near the epicenter, only 13 students emerged alive. Parents have become angry at the shoddy construction used in China's school and in the government's reaction in general. And now rivers that have been dammed by debris from the quake and turned into growing lakes threaten many more people. The Burmese government and their media is softening their stance toward allowing aid donors into affected areas. More »
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    Tibetan Tectonics Paid Member

    The twin disasters continue to unfold. The storm is over in Burma but the humanitarian nightmare continues. And the constitutional referendum went ahead despite being "blatantly rigged." Meanwhile ABC says "Tibetan tectonics triggered China quake." The violent quake that shook China's Sichuan province this week is linked to a shift of the Tibetan plateau to the north and east, researchers say. Hmm. And some inside China didn't take kindly to the cheery spectacle of the Olympic torch jogging along as if nothing were wrong. More »