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    A Little Bit of Compassion, from Oregon to Burma Paid Member

    As the tragedy in Burma continues to loom over our hearts, there are yet some uplifting stories to be found. While looking through the April 2008 issue of Ink on the Cat (the newsletter of The Zen Community of Oregon), I came across the news that the ZCO Sangha had assisted in the sponsorship of a Burmese refugee family. They are a family of five, now in Portland, having come from a refuge camp in Thailand they lived in for four years. It is the education of their children (14, 13, and 9 years old), they say, that lead them to cross such long distances. More »
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    Burma Slow to Recover; Torch climbs Everest Paid Member

    Five days after the storm, Burma's main city of Rangoon is paralyzed and lacks basic services, but the death toll there was small, 400 or so, compared with the Irrawaddy Delta. Food, water, and other necessities are desperately needed on the delta, which was slammed by the incoming storm, and aid teams are stuck waiting in Thailand for permission to cross the border. Meanwhile, with very little fanfare outside the Chinese media echo-chamber, the torch summits Everest. More »
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    Burma Death Toll: 80,000? Paid Member

    The numbers for this terrible tragedy keep rising. Lack of media access means we really don't have a clear idea of what's happening there. All we know is that there is intense misery and suffering, and more to come. It seems clear the government was not prepared and the people were not warned. More »
  • Death Toll Rises Again from Storm in Burma; Karmapa visit; Beijing Accuses TYC of Terror Ties Paid Member

    More than 22,000. The junta allows aid to trickle in. The Karmapa's visit to the U.S. is coming up. His schedule is on this site. At Tricycle we're obligated to mention the controversy over who is the 17th Karmapa, and that there are duelling Karmapas, but this site, which of course has an agenda, says it's a non-issue. It is true that the Karmapa who is coming to the U.S. has a bigger following here, which may explain why he is coming. More »
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    Storm Hits Burma Paid Member

    Burma is one of Asia's poorest countries and storms like these always hurt the poor most. More »
  • The Resistance in Burma; Thai PM supports Burma's constitutional efforts Paid Member

    Rachel Aspden visits the forgotten part of Burma: ethnic groups in the east oppressed by the junta. Thailand's Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej voices support for the Burmese junta's farcical constitution referendum, which will again formally bar Aung San Suu Kyi from running for office. The reason given? She's married to a foreigner. EarthRights International lambasts Chevron: The American energy giant Chevron has been accused of complicity in human rights abuses through its investment in a natural gas pipeline in Burma. . . More »