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    Dharma Wars revisited Paid Member

    In its winter 2009 issue, Tricycle published an article titled “Dharma Wars,” which reported on the Buddhist blogosphere, and described an online exchange among Dogo Barry Graham, Rev. Kobutsu Kevin Malone, and Rev. Gomyo Kevin Seperic. In that article, among other things, Tricycle printed a comment by Mr. Graham that one of his "accusers" had been convicted of assault, and that the other’s teaching credentials had been fabricated. Both accusers remained nameless. By printing Mr. Graham's comment, Tricycle merely intended to provide an example of the type of exchange that led the author of the article to become concerned about the sometimes acrimonious online exchanges among Buddhists. Tricycle did not intend to state or imply that either Rev. Kobutsu Kevin Malone or Rev. Gomyo Kevin Seperic had been convicted of assault or had fabricated teaching credentials. Tricycle likewise did not intend to weigh in on the validity of the charges against Mr. Graham. More »
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    Dharma Wars Paid Member

    What is it about the internet that turns some Buddhist teachers into bullies? Zenshin Michael Haederle has a few things to say about it. Illustration: Stephen Kronginger More »
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    It's not quite Bamiyan but... Paid Member

    One of the world’s tallest Buddha statues will soon be unveiled at Sarnath, where the Buddha delivered his first sermon. Funded by the Thai government, the sandstone statue, meant to evoke the famed sixth-century Bamiyan Buddhas the Taliban destroyed, was sculpted in the Ghandaran style. (A Calcutta Telegraph article misidentifies the Bamiyan statues as the tallest Buddhas in the world: China's Leshan Buddha, at 233 feet, and its Spring Temple Buddha, at 422 feet, would both tower over the Bamiyan sculptures and the more modest 100-foot Buddha in Sarnath.) For more on the Leshan and Spring Temple Buddhas, click here. You can read the Telegraph article here. More »
  • The self exists, it's just not as real as you think. Paid Member

    If a basic principle in Buddhism is non-self (anatta), is it incompatible with psychotherapy, which seems to be all about finding and understanding the self? The question is a little misguided, and in an ABC News NOW segment Buddhist psychiatrist Mark Epstein explains why: The self exists, it's just not as real as you think it is. You can watch the interview here. More »
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    Can our pets help us along on the path? Paid Member

    We have a new addition to the Tricycle office—of the hairy persuasion. One of our editors started bringing her 13-year old Spaniel and Collie mix, Scout, to work. I’ve noticed the shift in the mood of the office since this pooch began parading around. Is it my imagination or is everyone more relaxed, friendlier, and even happier? Scout makes his rounds when he arrives each morning to scope out the scene. He is low-key but inquisitive and his visits to individual staff produce smiles and increase the general well-being of those he comes in contact with. Do you have an animal in your life that brings you happiness or keeps you in the present moment—or disturbs your meditation every day? More »
  • Namkha Rinpoche visits Tricycle Paid Member

    Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli (aka Christopher Moltisanti) presented his film The Hungry Ghosts, his directorial debut, at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City this month. The screening was a fundraiser for Namkha Rinpoche's charitable organization, The Golden Bridge Association, a not-for-profit dedicated to humanitarian aid and the preservation of Tibetan culture and religion. More »