• How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus Paid Member

    It seems like it’s pretty much common knowledge at this point: Technology makes us impatient and forgetful. So, what’s the best way to build your attention span back up? Find one training technique at Lifehacker in an article entitled, “How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus.”

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  • Watch: Bhikkhu Bodhi on Buddhism for the Post-Modern Mind Paid Member

    "I've come to an understanding that the dharma, to be really living, vitally important, and to be a dharma that is alive and blows open the mind, has to be applied against the background of the period of history we're living in and directed not only to the great universal problems that all humans face but also to the special over-arching problems of this historical period in which we are living." -Bhikkhu Bodhi More »
  • Today at Paid Member

    It's a  busy day here at Tricycle! Here's what's new this Monday: Bonnie Myotai Treace's Tricycle Retreat, "Whole Life Offering," heads into its fourth and final week with the teaching, "Just One Small Bowl: The Boundless Body." You can visit her retreat here, and watch the first video of her retreat here. The first videos of Tricycle Retreats are always available to all. Next month's retreat will feature Allan Lokos, author of Pocket Peace. More »
  • The habits of happiness Paid Member

    Is Matthieu Ricard the happiest man in the world? Find out in the upcoming issue of Tricycle in which the French monk and former scientist discusses his most recent book Why Meditate?, the relationship between Buddhism and science, his feelings about being labeled "the happiest man in the world," and whether or not neurological advancements could one day be used to enhance happiness: Tricycle: If scientists could manipulate brain chemistry to make somebody happier, would this be beneficial? More »
  • Off to press Paid Member

    The design is finalized, the articles are in place, the proofs have been checked and now—at long last—the August issue is off to press. So, what's in store for the upcoming magazine? You'll have to wait a few weeks to find out, but here are a few things to look forward to: Tricycle has long been interested in how historical scholarship can both challenge and enrich dharma practice. In the upcoming issue, Buddhist scholar Rita M. Gross addresses the importance—and the difficulties—of teaching Buddhist history to Buddhist practitioners. From her piece: More »
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    Digital Immortality and the Living Paid Member

    In the Tricycle office, we’ve realized that when promoting blog posts, Tricycle news and other events online, that the Facebook community doesn’t seem to like death. The meaning is playfully two-fold for such a somber subject: Facebook users, in general, do not seem to respond very enthusiastically to posts about death, and more specifically, they fail to click the “Like” button. It isn’t so hard to believe. Compared to other mediums, Facebook thrives on the idea of life. Both the nature of the content and the means by which it is distributed is social; personal. It revolves around the living and breathing people that you know and what is happening to them in their lives. This makes it all the more difficult when they die, yet remain trapped in the digital system, as a recent article by the New York Times reports. More »