• Tone-deaf Tibetan Super Bowl ad Paid Member

    I wasn't sure I'd seen what I'd seen so I went to YouTube to have another look at Groupon's Super Bowl ad. Timothy Hutton begins seriously enough: Mountainous Tibet. One of the most beautiful places in the world. This is Timothy Hutton. The people of Tibet are in trouble. Their very culture is in danger. And then what follows is I guess a little like a punch line—and a pitch for Groupon: But they still whip up an amazing fish curry! And since 200 of us bought at, we're each getting $30 worth of Tibetan food for just $15 at a Himalayan restaurant in Chicago. For the amount you have to figure Groupon spent they didn't get their money's worth. The ad is as dumb as it is offensive. But don't take my word for it. Have a look yourself.   More »
  • Help Jeff Bridges end childhood hunger Paid Member

    Jeff Bridges graced the cover of Tricycle's Fall 2010 issue, and with his image, we broke a long tradition of Tricycle covers and have not regretted it. In the past we've eschewed celebrity covers, but Jeff is no ordinary celebrity, and I'm not referring to his Academy Award last year and his nomination again this year. I'm referring to the good work he has done and continues to do beyond his professional life. More recently, Jeff has invited us all to take his "No Hungry Kid Pledge," with the goal to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. It's an ambitious goal but one we can help him meet. Nearly 22,500 have pledged so far, but we can do better than that. Take the pledge now—it's easy and quick and it can change a life for the better. More »
  • Day 3: The Great Meditation Challenge Paid Member

    Managing the magazine means I’m always looking forward, mapping out the calendar, checking the upcoming press schedule, assigning due dates. Often I find that my thoughts are 2 steps ahead of my actions. I love planning out each issue of the magazine, but sometimes I can get caught up with all my advanced preparations and forget about the present, the here and now. Yesterday as we sat, I found my mind wandering to the pages of my calendar, visualizing upcoming months and mapping out the next few issues. Then this morning, before I began my meditation, I was reading through the through the “Practice Preview” of the Week 1 Chapter of Real Happiness I came across the following passage: More »
  • Day 2: The Great Meditation Challenge Paid Member

    As we've no doubt hammered home by now, the 28-Day Meditation Challenge has begun. Some of you have complained about too many exclamation points, so I'll try to take a calmer approach, which our daily staff meditation here in the office will no doubt support. More »
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    The Tricycle Gallery: Hotei as a Kite Paid Member

    Have you visited the Tricycle Gallery lately? We have two major collections to visit and are hard at work on a third. The first gallery is Himalayan Art from the Rubin Museum of Art. The second contains the paintings, drawings, and calligraphy of Rinzai Zen master Hakuin, which appears courtesy of Japan Society. More »
  • Real Happiness 28-Day Meditation Challenge, Day 1 Paid Member

    Today is the first day of Sharon Salzberg's 28-day meditation challenge based on her book Real Happiness. You can get an e-book to begin reading instantly if you join the Tricycle Community now and take advantage of our special offer with Workman Press, the publisher of Real Happiness. Then stop by the Tricycle Book Club to discuss the book with Sharon and others, from now through March 4th. The discussion is already lively there, and the Book Club—rather than here—is the best place to share your own thoughts about this challenge. More »