Tricycle Retreats

  • Direct and Subtle: Week 2 of Rodney Smith's "Selfless Practice" Paid Member

    In "The Principle of Selflessness," (Week 2 of Rodney Smith's Tricycle Retreat, "Selfless Practice") one participant remarks on Smith's "directness and subtlety" in his talk. Indeed. Given the slippery subject matter, Smith's directness is especially appreciated. As soon as we begin to seriously consider the concepts we cherish, such as the self, they start to fall apart. Language becomes more difficult to use. Struggling to find the right words, Eric, another retreat participant, found that quotation marks would help him describe his dilemma. More »
  • Something new, mysterious, and refreshing: Rodney Smith's "Selfless Practice" Paid Member

    In week one of his Tricycle Retreat, "Selfless Practice," Rodney Smith asks us to consider the mysteries of the worlds on both sides of our human dimension. If we explore the vastness of the universe we find billions of galaxies holding billions of stars. On the other end of the spectrum, at the quantum level, we find particles that can be in two places at once. And yet, despite these wonders that we find to our right and to our left, Smith observes that we tend to take the world in front of us at face value. We believe that we inhabit a solid dimension, and the cornerstone of this construction is this idea of "self" that we cling to. Smith asks us to take a hard look at this assumption.   More »
  • Selfless Practice: Has the Self Outlived Its Use? Paid Member

    Vipassana teacher Rodney Smith is leading a Tricycle Retreat called "Selfless Practice." You may know Rodney as the author of the book Stepping Out of Self-Deception: The Buddha's Liberating Teaching of No-Self. Liberating? How is no-self (anatta)—one of the most famously contentious ideas in Buddhism throughout its history—liberating? In the discussion of the Week 1 teaching, "Is Selflessness True?" which is already generating a vigorous and contentious discussion, Rodney writes: More »
  • Free event May 8th at Japan Society with Sensei Bonnie Myotai Treace Paid Member

    This Sunday, May 8th, which is also Mother's Day, Sensei Bonnie Myotai Treace will host the second of her meditation classes and talks on the life and poetry of Buddhist nun Otagaki Rengetsu (1791–1875) at New York City's Japan Society. We mentioned this event, called "Spring is Hers," here. Myotai Sensei led the Tricycle Community in a wonderful retreat called "Whole Life Offering" last summer. This event is free to all. Click here to RSVP at the Japan Society at (212) 715-1224. Myotai Sensei's website: 108 bowls Further reading: More »
  • Tricycle Retreat for May: Selfless Practice with Rodney Smith Paid Member

    The Tricycle Retreat for May is "Selfless Practice," led by Vipassana teacher Rodney Smith. This retreat offers nothing less than a new way to live. In order to align ourselves with the fundamental truths of Buddhism, such as the truth of suffering, we must move from the paradigm of self and self-centeredness into selflessness. We will see that when we step out of the narrow and limiting confines of the self, we experience freedom in a vast and expansive world. The first week's teaching is called, "Is Selflessness True?" More »
  • The Platform for Insight Paid Member

    Sharon Salzberg, from the fourth talk of her Tricycle Retreat on the Five Hindrances: The Five Hindrances are:-Desire or Attachment-Aversion (Anger or Fear)-Sleepiness or Sluggishness-Restlessness-DoubtThe main effort we make is to be mindful of them, to use that mindfulness as the platform for insight and understanding, and also to deepen our sense of compassion for ourselves in the face of these states, which we cannot control and are all workable. We don't need to be afraid of our own experience. Instead, we can see what's happening very clearly and can have tremendous kindness for ourselves and ultimately for others. More »