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    Mindfulness of Death: Week 4 of Bhikkhu Bodhi's retreat Paid Member

    It's week four of Bhikkhu Bodhi's retreat on The Four Protective Meditations, and after making it through the recollection of the Buddha (week one), lovingkindness (week two), and the contemplation of the body (week three), it's time to tackle what for many of us is the most difficult subject of all: death. In the final week of Bhikkhu Bodhi's retreat he brings us face-to-face with the reality of our own mortality. "Death," Bhikkhu Bodhi says, "is the one inescapable fact of human life. More »
  • Taking a devotional approach to the Buddha Paid Member

    Last week, Bhikkhu Bodhi led us through a meditation called "Recollection of the Buddha," in which he asked us to reflect on three of nine traditional qualities ascribed to the Buddha. These three are:araham: one free from all mental defilements and thereby liberated from the round of rebirthssamma sambuddha: one who has penetrated the truth and taught others about the true nature of things and the path to its realizationbhagava: the one endowed with numerous excellent qualities who compassionately takes on the role of teacher More »
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    Preview of Aging as a Spiritual Practice Week 2 Paid Member

    We hope you are enjoying the first week of Lewis Richmond's Tricycle Retreat, Aging as a Spiritual Practice. Starting Monday, Lew's second teaching will be posted on the retreat page. Here is a preview of what's to come. Tricycle Retreats are available to Tricycle Community Supporting and Sustaining Members. More »
  • Being Brave, Transforming Our World: Exclusive Tricycle DVD Video Excerpt Paid Member

    Enjoy this excerpt, with Acharya Adam Lobel, from our exclusive Tricycle DVD set. In this video, Adam Lobel speaks about the bravery needed to not only face suffering openly but also to truly celebrate our fleeting human lives. The four-DVD set includes over eight hours worth of talks and guided meditations. The exclusive Tricycle Member price is only $35 with free shipping in the US and Canada. Buy the DVD here, available until January 2nd. More »
  • Beyond Words, Beyond Expression: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche from the Tricycle DVD Paid Member

    "When we are using this term 'basic goodness,' we are talking about our inherent completeness." —Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche This quote is from our exclusive Tricycle DVD. It was taken from one of the Sakyong's talks called "A Culture of Basic Goodness," in which he speaks about the incredible power of acknowledging humanity's basic goodness, an experience that is "beyond words and beyond expression": More »
  • Week 4 of Focusing for Meditators Paid Member

    This is the fourth and last week of David Rome's Tricycle retreat, Focusing for Meditators. In the teaching, called Fulfilling the Felt Sense: Action Steps, Rome discusses how to use focusing techniques to move forward, step by step, with a frustrating situation. More »