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    Communicating with Kindness: Week 2 of Vishvapani's Retreat on Right Speech Paid Member

    Today we begin the second week of Vishvapani Blomfield's retreat on Right Speech. In "Communicating with Kindness," Vishvapani encourages us to engage in full, heartfelt communication by relating to others from a motivation of love. To walk the path of Right Speech, it is not enough to set out simply to tell the truth; we must also be able to communicate with love and affection. This involves following the Buddha's example of communicating with others not just in terms of their limitations but directly with their human potential. More »
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    Week 1 of Vishvapani Blomfield's Retreat on Right Speech Paid Member

    In this retreat, Vishvapani Blomfield, a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, explores the concept of "right communication." The Buddha, Vishvapani says, emphasized the importance of practicing Right Speech on the Eight Fold Path. But then again, the Buddha wasn't on Twitter. In this day and age, we're constantly communicating, not only through face-to-face interactions but also through writing in all its forms, including texting, emailing, Skyping, Tweeting, and Facebooking. During this election cycle, as the American public collectively engages in heated political discussions, practicing Right Speech takes on an even greater importance. More »
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    Week 4 of Shinzen's Retreat - Mindfulness: The Translation Paid Member

    Shinzen's What Is Mindfulness? retreat is on its final week! This week, like last week, we have two episodes of Shinzen's teachings to share. Today, we're launching Shinzen's talk "Mindfulness: The Translation" and on Thursday he'll be concluding the retreat with a talk on "Mindfulness: The Possible Revolution."  Remember each talk is accompanied by a guided meditation. More »
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    Week 3 of Shinzen's Mindfulness Retreat: Mindfulness the Path Part 2 Paid Member

    As we mentioned on Monday, Shinzen's What Is Mindfulness? retreat is split into two parts this week.  He continues to explore how we can situate the core skill sets of mindfulness (concentration, equanimity and sensory clarity) in a larger framework.  In Part 2 of "The Path of Mindfulness," Shinzen explains how mindful awareness facilitates self-knowledge, positive habit change and a spirit of love and service. If you are a Tricycle Supporting or Sustaining Member, you can now watch this week's retreat here. If not, join or upgrade your membership here. More »
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    September Retreat: What is Mindfulness? From Shinzen Young Paid Member

      This month we are offering an extended retreat led by Shinzen Young: What is Mindfulness? Shinzen will offer a comprehensive theoretical overview of how mindfulness is defined and practiced from various points of view. While most Tricycle retreats are four sessions, Shinzen's retreat runs over six sessions each with accompanying guided meditations. He dives deep into the history and translation of mindfulness while expanding traditional definitions of how we understand the effects and applications of a mindfulness practice. More »
  • Leaving the Baggage Behind: Week 2 of Anam Thubten's Retreat Paid Member

    Today marks the second week of Anam Thubten's retreat on the Art of Awareness. This week's talk is titled "Leaving the Baggage Behind." He shares with us the notion of courage as a universal spiritual path for facing our unconscious negativities and veils of defensive mechanisms. Facing our individual and collective karma with courage enables us to realize life's intrinsic richness and interconnection. Awareness, he teaches us, is the simple illuminating presence that purifies our psychological issues and allows us to live fully even at times when our human journeys feel like "one big challenging initiation." More »