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    Experience the possibilities of your own body Paid Member

    In Week 1 of his Tricycle Retreat, "Touching Enlightenment," Reggie Ray has been discussing meditation techniques that involve working with the body.  In response to his instructions on lower belly breathing, a participant asks: Is the lower belly meditation similar to awareness of the bhandas in yoga, mula bhanda and uddiyana bhanda., which radiate from the perineum and the lower part of the belly towards the heart..? feels similar when sitting , although more released and 3 dimensional.. its almost as if the sushumna is porous...fascinating and fantastic! Thanks Reggie for this deep teaching. to which Reggie responds, More »
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    Vast, Open, and Boundless Paid Member

    The path of meditation leads us into a universe that is largely unknown to us. As we begin to practice, and particularly when we begin to work with the body in the Tibetan style, which I am going to do with you, we begin to discover that the person we are is vast in its extent. In particular, we begin to discover that there is a depth of being and a brightness of mind that surpasses all boundaries. We begin to find that the person we are is ultimately vast, open, and boundless. Reggie Ray, from "Touching Enlightenment, Part 1."  As always, the first talk of this Tricycle retreat is free and open to all.  For full access to this and all Tricycle retreats, please become a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member     More »
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    Surrender to This Exact Moment Paid Member

    In the Vajrayana, we see that our difficulties with relative reality stem from our attitudes and beliefs, rather than from relativity itself. We are called to see each arising of our day not as a threat, but as an opportunity—a chance to open our arms, lay down our weapons, and surrender to this exact moment of our life.You could ask, Why are we called to become so intimate with our relative situations—with every personal encounter, every job, every relationship, every emotion? It is because, from the viewpoint of Vajrayana, “ultimate truth” is found in the relative, and nowhere else. Relative truth—our lives experienced nakedly, with no overlay—always arrives as a fissure in the fabric of our conceptual world. Reginald A. Ray, from "The Vajrayana Journey is an experience of love, power, and freedom." (Winter 2010) More »
  • Real wisdom isn't found in universities Paid Member

    In his Week 4 teaching, "Active Engagement," from his Tricycle Retreat "The Challenge of Change: Living Skillfully in an Uncertain World," Larry Rosenberg tells us real wisdom isn't learned in school. He says: More »
  • Real Wisdom vs. Wise Words Paid Member

    In Week 4 of his Tricycle Retreat, "The Challenge of Change: Living Skillfully in an Uncertain World," Larry Rosenberg discusses the Buddha's exchange with his son, Rahula. The exchange concerns skillful speech: Will what I say be beneficial to the person I'm speaking to? And if it turns out that it isn't, it's also ok to feel remorse: More »
  • Week 4 of Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat, The Challenge of Change Paid Member

    It's the fourth and final week of Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat, The Challenge of Change: Living Skillfully in an Uncertain World." Watch a clip here: You can watch the entire teaching here—but you have to be a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member. More »