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  • Thank you to Enkyo Roshi and Sharon Salzberg Paid Member

    Well, nothing lasts forever. This week, Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara's Tricycle Retreat, "Ease and Joy in Your Practice and Life," wraps up, as does the Tricycle Book Club discussion of Sharon Salzberg's book Real Happiness. Both events considerably brightened up an otherwsie gloomy February here at Tricycle! To both Enkyo Roshi and Sharon Salzberg, thank you very much for the gift of the dharma you've given us. Thank you for being available, generous, and patient throughout the month! A participant in the Week 4 discussion of the retreat put it beautifully: More »
  • Vast is the robe of liberation Paid Member

    Today we begin the fourth and final week of Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara's Tricycle Retreat, "Ease and Joy in Your Practice and Life." This week's teaching is called "The World is Vast and Wide," a reference to a well-known Zen koan. The discussion has already started this week, with a commenter discussing Roshi's experience on a homeless retreat of the type run by Bernie Glassman. The commenter says: More »
  • 28-Day Meditation Challenge: Freeing yourself from corrosive resentment Paid Member

    For almost two years, my closest friend has lived and worked as a community volunteer in Central America. Her experiences there have been more challenging than she had expected, and over time her idealism and positive attitude have slowly seeped away--giving way to a more cynical and unpleasant countenance. The toll that her negativity has taken on our friendship has been dramatic, especially over the course of the past few weeks, as she's sent me unpleseant and sarcastic emails about our mutual friends and the lack of support and interest we have in her life. In the past I've responded to these notes defensively and angrily, which has only widened the rift between us. Several of our friends stopped speaking to her entirely and I began to fear I would have to do the same. Then, last week, I read Sharon's notes on "Lovingkindness for a difficult person" in Real Happines: More »
  • The Weather is Just the Weather: Birth of a Tricycle Article Paid Member

    In late September 2010 I traveled by train to Cambridge, Massachusetts. As I passed through Rhode Island, bored, tired, hungry—all the small negatives that combined make travel a magical experience—I remembered some snippets of history, King Philip's War, William Blackstone leaving Boston on the back of a bull ("The Puritan court ordered his house burned down"), the birthplace of American industry, and so on, and read about it in fragments and snatches on my cellphone. More »
  • Actual Action Paid Member

    Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara, from the week 3 teaching of her Tricycle Retreat, "Widening the Circle." More »
  • Joy in the Midst of Suffering: Week 2 of Enkyo Roshi's Tricycle Retreat Paid Member

    We're now entering the second week of Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara's Tricycle Retreat, "Ease and Joy in Your Practice in Life," in which we're challenged to find joy not only in our meditation or practice, but also in our lives. This week's teaching, "Joy in the Midst of Suffering," wrestles with the question of how we are to feel joy (that "leaping quality" as Enkyo Roshi puts it) when we are surrounded by suffering in our own families, communities, and the world at large. A discussion follows the teaching. In this week's discussion, one retreatant writes, "i must say i follow the river of suffering with judgement." Are you adding another dimension to suffering by judging it, and your reaction to it? More »