Tricycle Retreats

  • April Retreat: Sharon Salzberg on the Five Hindrances Paid Member

    Last week I had the privilege of attending some of the taping* of the April Tricycle Retreat: Sharon Salzberg on the Five Hindrances. The Five Hindrances are classically described as negative mental states that interfere with meditation. Sharon Salzberg in this retreat will speak of how they play out in our lives generally as well. They are translated in different ways, but generally speaking they are: craving, including attachment or clinging to sensual and other pleasures aversion, including anger and resntment sleepiness, inclduing boredom and laziness restlessness, including fear and anxiety doubt, lack of confidence and mistrust of the teachings More »
  • Watch: Meditation Instructions for Beginners Paid Member

    Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo are wrapping up the first week of their Tricycle Retreat, Letting Go. You can follow that link to visit Week 1 of the retreat, which contains two videos and supplementary readings and the discussion with the teachers. (You'll have to be a Tricycle Community Supporting or Sustaining Member to join in the three weeks that follow.) The second video, which contains 25 minutes of meditation instructions for beginners, has proved so popular that we're re-posting it here. Enjoy! More »
  • What are you holding onto? Paid Member

    It's been a good week at Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo's "Letting Go" retreat. You can watch the two videos that make up Week 1 here—the second video is meditation instructions.) One of the best features of Tricycle Retreats is the direct access they offer to teachers, and the discussions that follow the teachings reflect this. In this week's discussion, one commenter writes: What really strikes me about your presentation here, apart from its loveliness and deep sense of peacefulness and tranquility, is how you seem to be applying what one learns on the meditation cushion to our daily lives. You are teaching us here practical measures for integrating the message of the Buddha into the next moment and the one after it and the one after that, how to live like a Buddha every day and everywhere, in all situations. Thank you. More »
  • Thousands gather for cremation of Luangta Maha Bua Paid Member

    We noted the passing of eminent Thai Forest monk Maha Bua (also anglicized Boowa) in January. A few days ago his remains were created at his forest temple, Wat Pa Ban Tad. Devotees came from far and wide in the hopes of collecting some of the monk's ashes. Soldiers guarded the crematorium itslef, presumably to keep it from being overrun. The crowd is reported by the Bangkok Post to be in the thousands, while Thailand's The Nation numbered the crowd in the tens of thousands. More »
  • Letting Go, with Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo Paid Member

    Today we begin a new four-week video retreat on Letting Go with two teachers from the Bodhi Path organization, Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo. Their topic is of course letting go, which cuts to the heart of every practice and every tradition. What is it that we need to let go of? The things we are holding onto that limit us. The Week 1 teaching is called "The Result" and defines the goals of the practice. The teaching itself is about 25 minutes long, and there is a bonus meditation instruction video that also runs 25 minutes. Additionally, there are instructions in the Supplemental materials section to guide you in your practice throughout the week and to provide materisla for further reading and study. More »
  • Online Buddhism in the Vast World Paid Member

    All over the world, right now, in this moment, there is birth and there is death. There is laughter and there are tears. That is the Vast World.If we don't separate ourselves from it, we can experience a quality of spaciousness and unboundedness that is at the very heart of the Buddha's teachings. It is the mind that sees what is before there is a story, without defensiveness, fear, or anger. It is the mind that rests in awareness, joy, ease, and meditation.  More »