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  • Meditation Month: Day 6 Paid Member

    The Monday blues have hit meditation month—at least they have for me. I spent the weekend researching Milarepa, the famous Tibetan poet-yogi, because of a journalism assignment. You know, this Milarepa...   ...the one who went through agony just to receive basic Buddhist teachings from Marpa, and then, when he got them, stayed in solitary meditation for years. When his food ran out, he ate nothing but the nettles that grew outside his cave (which is why he is often portrayed with green skin) until he became fully awakened. More »
  • Meditation Month: Day 2 Paid Member

    Last weekend, my 20-year old brother and I meditated together in my studio apartment in Brooklyn. We sat down, side by side, on cushions that have seen better days. To get started, I read aloud from the "Breathing Meditation" chapter of Sharon Salzberg's Real Happiness, and then we listened to the first track of the book's accompanying CD. We crossed our legs, closed our eyes, and sat there breathing. It was my brother's first time meditating."I could get into that," my brother said afterwards. "I've always been hyper-aware of my thoughts, but the non-judgmental awareness is a whole other thing."My brother would appreciate today's Daily Dharma, which offers advice on non-judgmental awareness. It comes from "The Refuge of Sitting" by Narayan Liebenson Grady: More »
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    Allan Lokos: Patience With Self Paid Member

    During the month of February, we're reading Allan Lokos's Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living at the Tricycle Book Club. Pick up a copy and join the discussion here. Below is an excerpt from the book. What is there about the quality of patience that causes so many of us to respond to the very word with a sense of deficiency? “I don’t have enough,” we say, suggesting that patience is some sort of commodity. More »
  • Tricycle Talks: Allan Lokos on Patience Paid Member

    Listen to Tricycle's Sam Mowe speak with Allan Lokos about his new book Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living, the current selection at the Tricycle Book Club. Topics include: Is impatience ever a virtue? What's the relationship between mindfulness and patience? How can a person cultivate patience?Allan Lokos is the founder and guiding teacher of the Community Meditation Center in New York City. More »
  • Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei to teach at NYC's Japan Society Paid Member

      Bonnie Myotai Treace, Sensei, is coming to teach at NYC's Japan Society! In March and April, she will be leading a six-week workshop called "Exquisite Way: Japanese Aesthetic Principles and Zen Practice." The workshop will cover zazen instructions for any Zewbies (that's Zen newbies), and will then discuss the following: More »
  • Tricycle Community Members Respond to Film Club's Being in the World Paid Member

    Our current Film Club movie is Tao Ruspoli's Being in the World, a discussion of what it means to be human, and how to be human, in a world dominated by impersonal technology. The film features interviews with prominent philosophers and footage of remarkable humans: among them, a flamenco guitarist with a beard like Santa Claus and the soul of a true poet, a graceful juggler, and a female chef who whips up food in a hot pink chef's jacket. It's a beautiful film with deep, layered messages and meanings. As Tricycle community member MarkG commented: More »