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    Awake At Work Paid Member

    Nothing seems certain in these shaky times. Michael Carroll, author of Awake at Work and an article in the Summer 2009 Tricycle, "Bringing Spiritual Confidence to the Workplace," writes this in a new discussion at the Tricycle Community: In 1998, after 10 years working for a major publishing firm, I was laid off. Our company had been acquired and I, along with many other executives, was displaced and invited to leave. We were all treated well at our departure and I, for one, left with few hard feelings. Yet I was worried about my future prospects. More »
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    What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You? Paid Member

    Close on the heels of a thought-provoking column in the upcoming Summer 2009 issue that will feature Tricycle readers' responses to this question with regard to the economic meltdown, we've chosen a new topic: Sex! Sexual misconduct, as the subject of one of the Five Precepts, is a recurring theme in Buddhist debate. But what about sex more broadly conceived? Is sexual pleasure a good thing? What about the jealousy it can foster? Is sex on TV appalling or liberating? Head on over to the Tricycle Community to post your response, and you may see your words of wisdom (and picture!) in the Fall issue. More »
  • Economic downturn has psychological side effects Paid Member

    An article in today's New York Times surveys recent research on the psychological stressors of a dismal economy. 2009 has seen an increase in calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and many are turning to medication and meditation. A related multimedia feature profiles a number of individuals struggling with economic anxiety. Our upcoming "What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You?" column in the Summer 09 issue will feature readers' responses to the economic meltdown. And look out for other economy-related discussions in the coming months at the online Tricycle Community. More »
  • Day 35 Big Sit Meditation Tip Paid Member

    If meditation is a priority, then it’s helpful to take that word literally and put meditation first. An example would be my rule of not turning on the computer before I’ve meditated. Simple, but effective. Probably the most trenchant advice I ever heard was in eight words from Suzuki Roshi:  "Organize your life so you can sit well." - Senior Shambhala teacher David Schneider More »
  • Your Favorite Place to Sit Paid Member

    Do you have a favorite place to sit? Post a picture of it at the group Tricycle Community member David F. has created. More »