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  • The World is Made of Stories: To Understand is to Story Paid Member

    The September Tricycle Book Club is underway, and we're discussing David Loy's The World is Made of Stories. Join the conversation here (sign up is free and easy!). From the first chapter of The World is Made of Stories: If the world is made of stories, stories are not just stories. They teach us what is real, what is valuable, and what is possible. Without stories there is no way to engage with the world because there is no world, and no one to engage with it because there is no self. More »
  • Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners Paid Member

    Modern historical study challenges much in Buddhist tradition. Yet, as Rita Gross  writes in her article "Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners," understanding Buddhist history can enrich dharma practice by, among other things, demonstrating how Buddhist teachings and institutions are themselves impermanent and contingently arisen. What do you think? How does, or how might, the study of your own tradition challenge, inspire, inform, confuse, broaden, or deepen your relationship to it? —Andrew Cooper Join the discussion here. More »
  • At the Tricycle Book Club: An Interview With David Loy Paid Member

    David Loy is going to be at the Tricycle Book Club Monday, September 20 to discuss his latest book, The World is Made of Stories. If you are planning on joining the conversation (or aren't sure yet and need some convincing), you will enjoy listening to a Q&A about the book between Loy and Tricycle's Joan Duncan Oliver. During the interview Loy explains the big subject of his little book: what constitutes a story and why it matters. He also reads an excerpt from the The World is Made of Stories. More »
  • David Loy at the Tricycle Book Club Paid Member

    Join us Monday, September 20 at the Tricycle Book Club for the discussion of David Loy's The World is Made of Stories. In this small book about big ideas, Loy attempts to tell the story of stories by engaging in a playful, energetic dialogue with wisdom quotations from a wide variety of sources. Everything that we know, Loy contends, we know from stories. He writes: "We play at the meaning of life by telling different stories." If stories hold this much power, and we're all storytellers (Loy also points out that to not tell a story is to tell a story), then what can we take away from this understanding? What stories should we tell about ourselves and our world? More »
  • Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind: Yoga & Buddhism Paid Member

    Starting Monday, we'll be discussing the new book Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind: Writings on the Connections Between Yoga & Buddhism in the Tricycle Community Book Club. Freeing the Body, Freeing the Mind Shambhala Publications, 2010, $18.95 paper For a 30% discount, use the code BODYMIND when you purchase it! More »
  • Church bans yoga Paid Member

    Reading the tabloids is a bad habit I've developed this summer. I've weaned myself off most of them, though, but I can't quite quit the British tabloid the Sun ("Got a story? We pay £££"). Today's edition reports that a Methodist church near Manchester has banished an over-50s yoga group, leaving elderly yogis throwing up their hands. The church's new minister fears the yogis could be preaching "rival religions"—more specifically, Hinduism and Buddhism. Iris Turner, a 64-year-old yogini, isn't happy with the church's new minister, Rev. Amanda Roper: "Her views are extreme," she tells the Sun. "We are hurt, disappointed and offended."  Mrs. Turner invited Rev. More »