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  • Day 11: The Great Meditation Challenge Paid Member

    I stayed home sick today. My feet are cold, my head is clogged, my nose is dripping, and my lips are cracked. This morning, I ambled slowly down the stairs for a cup of tea, not as a mindfulness practice, but because I feel tired and sore. My whole body aches. 

The second week of the 28-day meditation challenge is about working with our bodies. In Real Happiness, Sharon writes, “A very good place to become familiar with the way mindfulness works is always close by—our own bodies. Investigating physical sensations is one of the best ways for us to learn to be present with whatever is happening in the moment, and to recognize the difference between direct experience and the add-ons we bring to it.” 

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  • At the Book Club: A discussion of Martine Batchelor's The Spirit of the Buddha Paid Member

    The discussion of Sharon Salzberg's Real Happiness is going so well at the Tricycle Book Club, we figured we should open up a forum to discuss another book as well. So now, in addition to Sharon's book, we're talking about Martine Batchelor's The Spirit of the Buddha.From the Winter 2010 issue's "Books in Brief":  More »
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    Days 5, 6, and 7 of The Great Meditation Challenge: Canine Chaos Paid Member

    For the first four days of Sharon Salzberg's 28-Day Meditation Challenge, the bulk of my daily practice was done here in the office, with nothing more distracting than a ringing phone or a Fed Ex delivery to break my concentration. Then the weekend came...When I came home from work on Friday, my girlfriend informed me that two good friends of ours were going to Puerto Rico for the weekend and that we would be looking after their two dogs while they were gone. We (myself, my girlfriend, and our own dog) were quite excited, for these are two of the sweetest animals in the whole world. More »
  • Day 4: Snow, Samsara, and You Paid Member

    Day four on the cushion. My thoughts are all over the place. What has to be done today in the office? Is it going to snow this weekend? How will I be OK when my parents die? I probably haven't learned a thing about meditation in all these years. But one thought that I had was a real pick-me-up: I was thinking about, well—don't let this creep you out—I was thinking about you. Usually sitting with my coworkers just makes me feel grateful that I have a job where office meditation is encouraged (and, in this case, not only encouraged but required!)—I see us as a little sangha. But today I imagined you and everybody else out there taking part in the challenge with us this month. My sense of sangha widened out to wherever you find yourself sitting today. This isn't just something nice to say; you can see the widening circle when you drop by the book club. More »
  • Help Jeff Bridges end childhood hunger Paid Member

    Jeff Bridges graced the cover of Tricycle's Fall 2010 issue, and with his image, we broke a long tradition of Tricycle covers and have not regretted it. In the past we've eschewed celebrity covers, but Jeff is no ordinary celebrity, and I'm not referring to his Academy Award last year and his nomination again this year. I'm referring to the good work he has done and continues to do beyond his professional life. More recently, Jeff has invited us all to take his "No Hungry Kid Pledge," with the goal to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. It's an ambitious goal but one we can help him meet. Nearly 22,500 have pledged so far, but we can do better than that. Take the pledge now—it's easy and quick and it can change a life for the better. More »
  • Thank you for making the Tricycle Teachers Fund a success! Paid Member

    This month we did something new at To accompany our retreat with Thai Forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu—his retreat on the Ten Perfections (or paramis/paramitas) was one of our most popular to date—we launched a new initiative: The Tricycle Teachers Fund. In addition to offering Than Geoff's new book Skill in Questions for free download, we invited you to contribute $5 to the Tricycle Teachers Fund. Many of you did—thank you! 100% of what we collect through the Teachers Fund will be donated to the teacher (or teacher's center) in question, in this case, Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Metta Forest Monastery. More »