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  • Guided Meditation: Sustain unwavering mindfulness of all appearances Paid Member

    Alan Wallace's Minding Closely is this month's selection at the Tricycle Book Club. In partnership with Snow Lion Publications, all Tricycle Community Members can get Minding Closely at a 20% discount with free shipping in the US*, plus free e-book for instant download. Get the book now. From the book: More »
  • Practical Matters: How to benefit most from mindfulness practice Paid Member

    We're reading B. Alan Wallace's new book, Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness, at the Tricycle Book Club. Join us to discuss both the theory and practice of mindfulness. From Minding Closely: More »
  • 20 Years, 20 Teachings: The Tricycle 20th Anniversary E-book Paid Member

    In a recent blog post, "Tired of hiding? Speak up," I highlighted an exchange between two Tricycle Community Members. This was meant to demonstrate how and Tricycle the print magazine can effectively combine for community building. In his introductory letter to 20 Years, 20 Teachings: The Tricycle 20th Anniversary E-book, Editor & Publisher James Shaheen also writes about how moving online has helped foster a sense of community. He writes: More »
  • At the Tricycle Book Club: Minding Closely with B. Alan Wallace Paid Member

    Join us at the Tricycle Book Club on Monday, September 5 to participate in a discussion with B. Alan Wallace on his new book, Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness.In Minding Closely, Wallace presents a simple but powerful set of techniques for anyone—regardless of tradition, beliefs, or lack thereof—to cultivate mindfulness. Beginning with the basics, Wallace (who has studied mindfulness from a variety of perspectives as a monk, scientist, and Buddhist teacher) encourages us to investigate, and meditate on, the challenging issues we face in life. While reading Minding Closely we're reminded continually of the importance of process as we wonder these big questions. From the preface: More »
  • The World Without Us: An interview with Alan Weisman Paid Member

    If you haven't yet downloaded our 20th anniversary e-book, 20 Years, 20 Teachings, there's still time. It's free to Tricycle Supporting and Sustaining Members. In it you will find many of our most popular writers from the past two decades. Most of the featured articles are from Buddhist teachers, but not all. Award-winning environmental journalist Alan Weisman makes an appearance in our e-book. In an interview with Clark Strand, titled after his best selling book, The World Without Us, Weisman speaks about global warming, population control, and what the world would look like without humans. At a time when natural disasters are becoming increasingly common events, this  is even more relevant today than it was when it was published just a few years ago in 2007. More »
  • Tired of hiding? Speak up. Paid Member

    It used to be that, after each issue of Tricycle hit newsstands, we'd receive a great deal of feedback and comments from readers in the form of letters to the editor. Some of these letters would then be published in the following issue. Since the rise of the Tricycle Community online, however, we don't receive as many LTEs as we used to. On, readers can simply leave comments directly on the articles themselves. Due to this change, the "Letters to the Editor" section of every issue is now comprised of both traditional LTEs (snail mail and e-mail) and comments left on More »