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  • What is Focusing? An interview with Eugene Gendlin Paid Member

    As you probably know, it's the first week of David Rome's Tricycle Retreat, "Focusing for Meditators: Accessing the Wisdom of the Felt Sense." What you might not know is where in the world this Focusing technique comes from. The current issue of Tricycle sheds some light on this. Linda Heuman's interview with Eugene Gendlin, the founder of Focusing, provides insight into the ideas upon which Focusing is based, the history of how the practice came about, and Gendlin's own thinking about how working with the "felt sense," which is the basis of Focusing, can be extended into various aspects of life. Heuman writes in her introduction to the interview: More »
  • Minding Closely: Observing the body as the body internally Paid Member

    Welcome to your body—it might be a bit different from what you had imagined! This is a powerful refrain throughout the Buddha's teachings on the four close applications of mindfulness to the body, feelings, mental states, and phenomena. In the Satipatthana Sutta, he says: More »
  • Natural Bravery: Week four of Gaylon Ferguson's retreat begins today! Paid Member

    The final week of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, "Natural Bravery," begins today. Throughout the month of September, we've been learning how to work with fear and fearlessness. Week one explored mindfulness of the body, and working with the fear of being with oneself. During the second week we looked at the fear of change, and we used the breath as a way to become familiar and comfortable with the uncertainty of life. Week three we looked at fear itself, and the meditation was to learn how to touch it and be there with it. This week, in "Entering into Creative Action," we will explore two more fears: the fear of open space and the fear of manifesting or being brave in action. More »
  • At the Tricycle Book Club: Minding Closely with B. Alan Wallace Paid Member

    During the month of September, in partnership with Snow Lion Publications, all Tricycle Community Members can get B. Alan Wallace's new book, Minding Closely, at a 20% discount with free shipping in the US*, plus free e-book for instant download. Get the book now.From the preface of Minding Closely: More »
  • The Inseparability of Life: the 12 Steps and environmental action Paid Member

    Since Clark Strand's "Green Bodhisattva" column has moved online, his 12-step approach to environmental sanity has sparked a lively, wide-ranging conversation. On "Restored to Sanity," Community Member Alan Shusterman writes: Sad to say, I'm one of those academic classifiers you refer to, but I think I can still understand and sympathize with your views of the inseparability of life. So let me ask instead how the inseparability of life guides your views on environmental action? In Clark's typical fashion, he responded at length, breaking down how the 12 Steps are action-oriented. Part of his response: More »
  • How Do You Cultivate Compassion in Your Community? Paid Member

    This month, Tricycle is partnering with the Compassionate Action Network to support Karen Armstrong's Charter for Compassion and Compassionate Cities Project. Join us today at any member level and you'll have the opportunity to sign the Charter, make a $5 donation to the Compassionate Action Network, and to download a free chapter of Karen Armstrong's new book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.We're discussing the Compassionate Cities Project at the Tricycle Community, asking the question: How can compassion help meet the needs in your community? One community member shares how her family is making their neighborhood more compassionate: More »