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    Thailand Culture Ministry moves to ban tourists' Buddha tattoos Paid Member

    If you were planning to get a tattoo of the Buddha during an upcoming trip to Thailand, you may want to reconsider. Thailand's Culture Ministry has called on all Thai tattoo parlors to refrain from giving tourists tattoos of the Buddha. The AP reports: Culture Minister Niphit Intharasombat said in a statement that his ministry has been receiving complaints from residents that tattoo parlors are etching sacred images of Buddha and other religious images onto the skin of non-Buddhist visitors across the country."Foreigners see these tattoos as a fashion," Niphit said in the statement posted on his ministry's website Thursday. "They do not think of respecting religion, or they may not be aware" that it can be offensive. More »
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    Buddha at Wat Si Saket, Vientiane Paid Member

    This Buddha is speaking to me today. From the Flickr stream of Hanoi Mark. More »
  • The Weather is Just the Weather: Birth of a Tricycle Article Paid Member

    In late September 2010 I traveled by train to Cambridge, Massachusetts. As I passed through Rhode Island, bored, tired, hungry—all the small negatives that combined make travel a magical experience—I remembered some snippets of history, King Philip's War, William Blackstone leaving Boston on the back of a bull ("The Puritan court ordered his house burned down"), the birthplace of American industry, and so on, and read about it in fragments and snatches on my cellphone. More »
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    A Walk to Remember: A grandmother completes a 4,400 mile journey across the US Paid Member

    This morning several Tricycle staff members waded through un-plowed snow drifts from last night's storm to meet Jeana Moore at the Northwest corner of Central Park. We were greeted by Jeana—wearing her trademark reflective yellow vest—and a dozen friends who were ready to join her on the last 3 miles of her 4,400 mile "Steps To-Marrow" walk from Seattle to New York City. Jeana begin the walk on October 19, 2009 in an effort to register donors to the National Bone Marrow Registry (NBMR). Jeana became involved with the NBMR after her granddaughter, Jada, was born with Leukemia in 2007. Thanks to the NBMR, doctors were able to find a donor match for Jada (the donor joined Jeana on the final leg of the walk today). The bone marrow transplant saved Jada's life. More »
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    Tour agency brings gay Buddhists to the Buddha's birthplace Paid Member

    After openly gay Nepali MP Sunil Babu Pant launched Pink Mountain Travels and Tours, the first Nepali travel agency for gay tourists, in early 2010, the agency has received its first group bookings from gay Buddhists who want to follow the Buddha's footsteps. From Sify News: 'We already have three groups from Britain, France and the Netherlands, and there are queries from the US,' said Pant, the founder of the gay rights movement in what was a rigid Nepali society in the last decade. 'They are from the Gay Buddhist Sangh (GBS), an organisation with members all over Europe. They travel in groups for joint meditation and pilgrimage to the places associated with the Buddha - Nepal, India, Thailand and Myanmar,' Pant said. More »
  • Cliff-Jumping with Cambodian Monks Paid Member

    This guest blogpost comes our way from Alex Tzelnic, a writer currently traveling in Cambodia. More »