• Tricycle Pilgrimage: Today's Teaching from Kathmandu Paid Member

    From today's teaching at Shedrub Ling: It's not enough to think you understand impermanence and then to forget about it. The real dharma practitioner is someone who contemplates impermanence many times throughout day. Only then do our fixations begin to loosen, our attachments begin to break. Only then do we finally begin to relax. Image: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche at the White Gompa. © Risto Kuulasmaa. More »
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    Tricycle Pilgrimage: One love Paid Member

    Tricycle pilgrimage co-leader Justin Kelley gave interfaith harmony a big boost earlier today with his newfound Hindu friends. Photographer and fellow pilgrim Risto Kuulasmaa dubbed the pic "One Love," appropriately enough. The new friendship was struck up along Kathmandu's Bagmati River, where the caves of Tilopa and Naropa are a stone's throw from the famed Pashupatinath Temple, the holiest site in Nepal and one of the Hindu world's most important temples built to Lord Shiva. The mix of Hindu and Buddhist traditions characterizes the region. Image: Buddhist monk Justin Kelley with newfound friends. © Risto Kuulasmaa. More »
  • Tricycle's Pilgrimage to Nepal & Bhutan Paid Member

    Tricycle began its first pilgrimage to Nepal & Bhutan on Sunday in Kathmandu, where 25 of us gathered at the Tibet International hotel, within viewing distance of the Great Stupa at Boudhanath. After settling in and getting to know one another, we spent part of the following day at Shedrub Ling monastery, where the Ven. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche offered teachings. Rinpoche sat before some 300 mostly Western students, some permanent residents, and others hearing teachings for perhaps the first time. More »
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    Thai Taxi Talismans Paid Member

    Artist Dale Konstanz has been addicted to taking Thai taxis since he moved to Bangkok in 2003. They became not just a way to get around, but an opportunity to chat with the drivers, practice his Thai, and learn about the culture. For his book, Thai Taxi Talismans, Konstanz has compiled the best of his photos of Buddha images, lucky charms, and pop culture paraphernalia that sit on dashboards and dangle from rear-view mirrors in Bangkok cabs. Read an excerpt and look through our slideshow of some of the talismans below: Thai Taxi Talismans More »
  • Urban Samadhi Paid Member

    Beginning in 1968, Richard “Dick” Proenneke spent the majority of 30 years living alone in a log cabin he built by hand in the Alaskan wilderness. Throughout this time he lived off of the land and was mostly self-sufficient, catching or growing all of his food and chopping wood for warmth in the deathly freezing winters. By Dick’s own account, the wildlife and seasons gave him his repose, and such adoration of nature showed in his many journal entries that notated the life of the mountains and stars. More »
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    The Intrepid Monk Paid Member

    Meet Daeung Sunim, a 42-year-old Korean Buddhist monk currently on a 20,000 mile bicycle journey through the Americas. Starting from Vancouver, British Columbia, last April, by the time Sunim's voyage ends he'll have biked to the eastern tip of Canada, down the east coast of the U.S., west to California, and finally south through Latin and South America to the southernmost tip of Argentina. Sunim has limited English skills, no Spanish skills, no set itinerary and knows almost no one in the Americas. This trip marks the first time that Sunim has ridden a bicycle, and it is already wearing down from hard use. He is unable to carry as much cookware and food as he needs to ensure he can last through the exhausting days. Since he began pedaling in April, he's taken only four days of rest. More »