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  • Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel Talk and Reading in New York City Paid Member

    In the first of four talks for her Tricycle Retreat, Elizabeth says that standing on a street corner in Manhattan, she sees as many people in a moment as she might see in six months at home in Colorado. Well, lucky New Yorkers, she's heading back your way! Tricycle is proud to be the media sponsor of this event: Sunday, September 26th Threshold 521 West 26th Street 2nd floor Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel - Public Talk "Finding Our Way to True Practice" 2 - 5 pm (2-2:30 is meditation) $20 Followed by a reading from her new book, The Power of An Open Question at 6:30 PM. Book signing to follow. Free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Www.thepowerofanopenquestion.com More »
  • The Karmapa on the Environment Paid Member

    I recently came across this interview in the Asia Sentinel with Ogyen Trinley Dorje, one of the two young lamas recognized as the 17th Karmapa.  It is a great interview and I recommend reading the whole thing, but this passage in particular jumped out at me. The distance between humans and the environment is becoming wider and wider and likewise, we are bringing more and more harm to the environment by using it indiscriminately. Actually, before using the environment, we should think; it is very important to think of the consequences of indiscriminate destruction of the environment. Lack of mindfulness is creating a lot of problems. More »
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    The Power of an Open Question - Pull and Push Paid Member

    The Buddha realized that his search for an answer to the end of suffering assumed a a self that sought after happiness, yet was haunted by extinction. He understood how we try to maintain the familiar presence of self, whatever that means to us in each moment. Sometimes we affirm "me" and sometimes we protect "me." We bring desirable things toward "me" and push unwanted things away from "me" so that the parameters of "me" keep expanding and contracting. All this pulling and pushing fans the flames of strong emotions, and we try even harder to drive home the point: "I exist." Meanwhile, we live with the terror of an unavoidable death. We evaluate, organize, and struggle with everything we encounter in our attempts to substantiate the existence of a self. This is the relationship we have with our world. More »