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    Karmapa Addresses Gathering in Dharamsala Paid Member

    The following transcript and photos comprise a press release regarding 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje's first public comments since the Indian police raided his monastery on Friday—seizing over $700,000 in donations. Since the raid, there has been a world-wide showing of support for the lama as well as controversy surrounding widely questioned reports and accusations that he is a Chinese spy. More »
  • Annapurna Artwork Paid Member

    In 2008 I trekked the Annapurna trail in Nepal with my artist friend Masha Gambarov. These are some drawings that she did after returning home. The following is her artist's statement. These four mixed media drawings were inspired by a 2008 trek along the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. I had been to the region before, and had studied Tibetan Buddhism both academically and as part of a personal practice for years, but it was only after venturing into these mountains that I truly felt how rooted the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is in this rugged yet peaceful landscape. Somehow what I had experienced of Buddhist teachings was informing the way I saw the mountains around me, and the mountains were simultaneously teaching me of the beliefs and traditions flourishing among them. More »
  • Tibetan Buddhism in Modern Western Culture Paid Member

    This panel at the 2010 International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism was chaired by Gelek Rimpoche and features keynote speakers Sogyal Rinpoche and Dr. Robert Thurman. On the panel was Lama Surya Das, Marco Antonio Karam, Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche, and Dr. Judith Simmer-Brown. Tibetan Buddhism in Modern Western Culture from Carol Beck on Vimeo. To watch the panel discussion on Tibetan Buddhism and Social Engagement, click here. More »
  • 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje's Monastery Raided Paid Member

    UPDATE: We have received plenty of emails objecting to the source that suggested "other Tibetan factions" may be "fanning" the story. This is entirely unsubstantiated and pure speculation. There is no reason for us to believe this is true and we regret including the quote that suggested otherwise. Indian police raided the monastery of Ogyen Trinley Dorje, 17th Karmapa, on Friday, seizing large amounts of cash—donations from followers that have been saved over the years.  According to one source, "the Indian media has been incredibly irresponsible, suggesting that the Karmapa is a Chinese spy, etc.  These stories are probably being fanned by other Tibetan factions."We are keeping an eye on the situation and ask that anyone with any particular insight into what's going on share their knowledge here or to email info@tricycle.com. Thank you, Monty McKeever More »
  • Losang Samten, Tibetan scholar and former Buddhist monk, visits Tricycle Paid Member

    Losang Samten, a Tibetan scholar and former Buddhist monk, braved the snow and cold to visit the Tricycle office today. Samten--who was born in Tibet but fled to India after the Chinese took control in 1959--is spiritual director of Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia; Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Middletown, Connecticut ; and Chenrezig Himalayan Cultural Center of El Paso,Texas. In addition to serving as spiritual director, Samten is an accomplished sand painter. In 1988, Samten came to the US as instructed by the Dalai Lama, to demonstrate the meditative art of sand painting (see two of his sand mandalas below). This was the first time a Tibetan mandala was shown in the west. Since then, he has created sand mandalas for museums and universities across the country. More »
  • You are not alone in facing death Paid Member

    For a Tibetan Buddhist approach to preparing for death, join us at the Tricycle Book Club where we are discussing Anyen Rinpoche's new book Dying with Confidence. The conversation is being facilitated by Allison Graboski, the translator of the book, and Eileen Cahoon, the editor. From Dying with Confidence: More »