• Getting to Know the Tricycle Sangha Paid Member

    A lot has been written in Tricycle over the years about the importance of sangha. Here on, we've endeavored to provide our members with not only a wealth of information about Buddhist practice and teachings but also with a sense of community. To that end, we also host a Tricycle community page, which you can visit at More »
  • Lost in Quotation Paid Member

    The Kalama Sutta has become among Western Buddhists one of the most frequently cited scriptures in the Pali canon. But usually only a specific section is quoted. This section portrays Buddhism as being almost a precursor of European Enlightenment thought, which is to say, it is used to confirm characteristic Western attitudes as being intrinsically in line with the teachings of Buddhism. But it is misleading to present this as the whole message of the sutta, as is evident when one reads the whole thing. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Mobs, Politics, and...Lemurs Paid Member

    Buddhist monks were all over the international news this week, and most of it was not good. Last weekend thousands of Sri Lankans, led by Buddhist monks, stormed a mosque in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, destroying furniture and exposing themselves. The day before, the mosque had been firebombed by an unknown person. Sri Lankan officials have now promised to demolish and relocate the mosque, which the monks alleged had been built illegally on sacred Buddhist ground. Mosque board members responded that the mosque had been there for 50 years—30 years before the area was declared a Buddhist sacred zone. More »
  • My Buddha Is Pink: Q & A with blogger Richard Harrold Paid Member

    Our blogger series went on a brief hiatus, but now it's back! Today we have an interview with Richard Harrold, the blogger behind My Buddha Is Pink. I'm a big fan of the blog because I love the way Harrold seriously contemplates texts from the Pali Canon in almost every post but gives them his own twist at the same time. In a post called "Are You Too Sexy for Your Body?" for example, Harrold cites the Majjhima Nikaya Atthakatha: More »
  • On the status of women in early Buddhism Paid Member

    Barbara O'Brien recently wrote a blog post, "Bhikkhunis and the Buddha," that looks at the status of women in early Buddhism. She writes: More »
  • Watch: Thanissaro Bhikkhu leads a Guided Meditation Paid Member

    Thanissaro Bhikkhu (,, a monk in the Thai Forest tradition, recently came by the office and led us through a guided meditation,   Tricycle Wisdom Collection pieces by Thanissaro Bhikkhu: Faith in Awakening Power of Conviction  The Joy of Effort The Power of Judgment Tricycle Retreat: More »