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    Thailand's Tiger Temple Paid Member

    You may have heard about Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua, the famous Tiger Temple in Thailand. Well, now the rest of the world has too. This is really just an excuse to post this fun picture. Now, if this big kitty, or his Siberian tiger cousin, were wandering the streets of Ulan Bataar would Konchog give him a home? Some info on tigers here and more on the tiger temple here. More »
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    Nitty-Gritty Dharma Paid Member

    Inquiring Mind's 25th anniversary issue is themed—buddhistically enough—"Sickness, Old Age, Death and the Path of Practice." It's been out for a while now and it's a great read. In it Ajahn Sumedho pays a pretty harrowing visit to a Thai hospital to contemplate autopsies, but "after the aversion and proliferating tendencies stopped," he writes, I really began to observe the decaying process. Strangely enough, I found it quite beautiful—the way nature disposes of things. My judgments of beauty had been created on a conventional level, but in the here and now—being with the aversion and the disgust—I didn’t feel repelled at all by the process of decay. It was quite marvelous to watch how life consumes and takes away. More »
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    Bomb Blasts kill one and injure at least 71 in Southern Thailand Paid Member

    Ignored by the world, violence rages in southern Thailand. More »
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    Buddhism and Politics Paid Member

    Beliefnet looks at Buddhism and politics: So American Buddhists aren't likely to become a political machine or a crucial swing vote any time soon. But as the religion born in the East carves its place in the West, many Buddhists are making a mark in U.S. politics, including this year's presidential race. A significant number of Buddhist immigrants who fled communist regimes in Southeast Asia tend to be politically conservative, which could help Republican candidate Sen. John McCain. But a solid majority of American Buddhists are converts, who tend to be liberal, and many back Democrat Barack Obama. You may have read about the troubles of the Cambodian temple in Long Beach, California. More »
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    Don't give up Paid Member

    Danny Fisher has a follow-up post to the Dalai Lama's statement that he is "giving up" on gaining autonomy for Tibet within the People's Republic. Of the DL's comment, Nicholas Kristof of the Times writes, "I don’t take that with the tone of finality that some do. . ." And the entertaining and thoughtful Bhikkhu's Blog is back after a summer-long hiatus! What's happened in the world since June 13th, and why was Ajahn Punnadhammo gone for so long? Something to do with a cup of coffee and an "inexcusable lapse of mindfulness." More »
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    Friendship Paid Member

    A friend endowed with these three qualities is worth associating with. Which three? He/she gives what is hard to give, does what is hard to do, endures what is hard to endure. A friend endowed with these three qualities is worth associating with. - Anguttara Nikaya, III.133, trans. by Thanissaro Bhikkhu More »