• If you could ask the Buddha one question, what would it be? Paid Member

    Thanissaro Bhikkhu's new book Skill in Questions deals with the difficult business of being discriminating with our questions.  It may be true that there are no stupid questions, but there are questions which it is pointless to answer. Thanissaro Bhikkhu has pointed out the importance of questioning in the Buddhist canon for some time. Since the dialogue form dominates the better known parts of the Pali canon, we shouldn't be shocked to find questions are so important. And the role of the dialogue is of course foundational to western thought as well, with the Socratic method or elenchus. From the introduction to Skill in Questions: More »
  • The Ten Perfections Week 2 Preview: Truth Paid Member

    Week 2 of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's Tricycle Retreat on the Ten Perfections (or paramis in Pali, and paramitas in Sanskrit) begins today! Last week's teaching on Discernment led to one of the most dynamic discussions we've had, and this week's teaching on Truth will be no different. Watch a preview of the video below. To watch the full teaching, become a Supporting or Sustaining Member of the Tricycle Community. More »
  • Download Skill in Questions by Thanissaro Bhikkhu Paid Member

    Shortly after his awakening, the Buddha despaired of his ability to teach others what he had learned: “The thought occurred to me, ‘This Dhamma I have attained is deep, hard to see, hard to realize, peaceful, refined, beyond the scope of conjecture, subtle, to-be-experienced by the wise. But this generation delights in attachment [alaya], is excited by attachment, enjoys attachment. For a generation delighting in attachment, excited by attachment, enjoying attachment, this/that conditionality [idappaccayata] & dependent co-arising [paticca samuppada] are hard to see. This state too is hard to see: the resolution of all fabrications, the relinquishment of all acquisitions, the ending of craving; dispassion; cessation; unbinding (nibbana). And if I were to teach the Dhamma and others would not understand me, that would be tiresome for me, troublesome for me.‘" (Majjhima Nikaya 26)More »
  • Coming January 3rd: The Ten Perfections retreat with Thanissaro Bhikkhu Paid Member

    Thai forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu, also called Than Geoff, is well known in the Buddhist community for his translations of texts from the Pali Canon. (His prolificacy is nearly proverbial among book-writing Buddhists!) You can find his canonical translations on Access to Insight, and you can listen to a large number of his dhamma talks and writings on More »
  • Week 4 of Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat, The Challenge of Change Paid Member

    It's the fourth and final week of Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat, The Challenge of Change: Living Skillfully in an Uncertain World." Watch a clip here: You can watch the entire teaching here—but you have to be a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member. More »
  • Skill in Questions by Thanissaro Bhikkhu Paid Member

    Thanissaro Bhikkhu, the maddeningly prolific (at least to other dharma writers, that is) monk from the Thai forest tradition pictured at right, has a new book out: Skill in Questions. It's available as a free PDF (3 PDfs, actually) downloadable from The book begins: When we read the account of the Buddha’s last night, it’s easy to sense the importance of his final teaching before entering total nibbana: “Now, then, monks, I exhort you: All fabrications are subject to decay. Bring about completion by being heedful.” These words call attention to themselves because they were the last he ever said. More »