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    Are you addicted to sensation? Paid Member

    Then try this. Who's the guy with the chops by the unicorn supposed to be? HT: Daily Dish. More »
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    Buddhism and Science Paid Member

    Buddhism and science: BFF? Many scientists seem to want to embrace Buddhism (it apparently beats the alternatives) and western Buddhists in turn want to be validated by science. This issue is a thorny one and has been sorta kinda addressed on this blog here and here. Ultimately no religion can (or should attempt to) accommodate the demands of science. More »
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    Monkey mind Paid Member

    The age-old koan asks, "Does a dog have Buddhanature?" Well, after reading the Times article on The Evolution of Deceit this morning, we can now ask whether a monkey—or a chimp—can take the precepts. Maybe not, but he can certainly break them. Image: Toni Angermayer/Photo Researchers More »
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    Thailand Yanks the Economist; A Pattern Language Paid Member

    The Economist is yanked from Thai newsstands for running a story critical of the monarchy. Can we build a beautiful world? Christopher Alexander, author of the groundreaking A Pattern Language, thinks so. More »
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    Talks resume between Dharamsala and Beijing: "Low Expectations" Paid Member

    Talks are resuming between envoys of the Dalai Lama and Beijing. So far from giving up, the Dalai Lama is soldiering on. He says, " “I have faith and trust in the Chinese people; however, my faith and trust in the Chinese government is diminishing." Donna Karan's Urban Zen Foundaton is sponsoring a fusion of Western and Eastern healing at Beth Israel Hospital in New York: On Wednesday, Dr. Shulkin, who had never done yoga before, joined Ms. More »
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    Dalai Lama Undergoes Medical Check-up (Updated) Paid Member

    His doctors say: "There's nothing wrong." UPDATE: Dalai Lama hospitalized for abdominal pains and may undergo surgery tomorrow. 1.2 million Buddhists are expected converge on Nagpur in central India to commemorate Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din, Dr. Ambedkar's  conversion of thousands of dalits to Buddhism on October 14th, 1956. Harvard professor Anne Harrington discusses the relationship between Buddhism and the brain sciences. Click here to watch. More »