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  • Survey on Perceptions of Monasticism within Buddhism Paid Member

    via Jennifer Harris, Hi! Working toward my PhD in community psychology, I’m conducting a survey (one version in English, the other Tibetan) of the perceptions of monasticism within Buddhism. With its spread to the West, Buddhist practitioners in the United States tend mostly to be lay and there are very few monasteries. This study therefore examines the role and relevancy of the monastic tradition within the Western Buddhist cultural community.  I will also be posting an exact replica of the survey in the Tibetan language so that I can cross-examine two distinct cultural communities’ perceptions about monasticism. The first version of the survey, which is for Westerners, is available here. Help Jennifer out! More »
  • Suggest Buddhist organizations and charities for the next "Good Work" section of Tricycle Paid Member

    As many of you might have noticed, recent issues of Tricycle include a "Good Work" section that features a selection of Buddhist not-for-profits and charities. By highlighting these organizations, which have ranged from BuddhaBadges to Help Animals India, we hope to help them generate publicity and funding. Now we're looking for suggestions for the Spring 2011 "Good Work" section and we need your help. Send recommendations to info@tricycle.com or post them directly below. Look for the latest installment of "Good Work" in the upcoming Winter issue, on newsstands early November! More »
  • Beautiful rare photos show Tibet 100 years ago Paid Member

    London's Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers is currently auctioning rare photographs taken over 100 years ago in Tibet. The pictures were photographed by British officer John Claude White during a military mission to Tibet in 1903-1904. From NPR: More »
  • Jade Buddha update Paid Member

    The Jade Buddha for Universal Peace is still on the move. The statue is currently in a warehouse in San Jose, CA where it has received tens of thousands of visitors. The Oakland Tribune has the story: At least 113,000 people have visited the statue since the exhibition opened Sept. 19, according to the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace Organizing Committee in Northern California. Almost 29,000 showed up Sept. 20, prompting at least one complaint from a resident of an apartment complex next door about crowds, illegal parking and noise. By this past weekend, however, the mood was relaxed, even festive, as the free exhibit headed toward its last day in San Jose—Friday. It will then continue on its five-year worldwide tour. More »
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    Basic test shows that Americans are deeply ignorant about religion Paid Member

    We may consider ourselves a deeply religious nation, but when it comes to our knowledge of religion, we don't make very high marks. An article in today's New York Times covers a study conducted in June of this year by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. The study included 32 basic questions about religious figures, world religions, and religious texts. On average the participants answered half of the questions incorrectly and many even failed the questions concerning their own faith. Scoring the highest were atheists and agnostics, closely followed by Jews and Mormons: More »