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    Crawling to Bodh Gaya Paid Member

    The Hindustan News reports that Gyansen Lama, a Tibetan monk in his 20s, is crawling all the way from Tibet to Bodh Gaya, the site of the Buddha's enlightenment beneath the Bodhi Tree. He has already cleared Nepal and, as of January 3, 2007, is about 110 kilometers from his goal. (He reportedly covers about 7 kilometers a day on average.) Curious crowds have gathered along the route to watch the spectacle of a monk wrapped in sackcloth with woolen gloves moving along the road "at a snail's pace." It is not clear how Gyansen Lama and his entourage of two monks crossed the border out of Tibet, but the ground in India must certainly feel softer and warmer than the roads in Tibet, where wool gloves seem like faint protection. Philip Ryan, Webmaster More »
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    Enlightenment Card Paid Member

    Visa is now offering credit cards with images of the Buddha, people meditating, and other "enlightenment"-inspired images. Touting the "socially conscious credit card," Visa says: "As a member of the Enlightenment Reward Card program, your purchasing power goes to support the things that matter most to you." For example, 200,000 Rewards points earns you a yoga retreat in Spain. As a press release this summer stated: "The Enlightenment Card allows socially and spiritually conscious businesses and organizations to support each other and offer their services and products as part of the rewards program." More »