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    Zen and the art of misusing the word Zen Paid Member

    In “Alan Arkin Explains the Zen of Martin Scorsese,” a recent post on Speakeasy (a Wall Street Journal blog) one commenter took umbrage with the post’s title, writing: “Would you please stop abusing the word Zen?” More »
  • Happy Birthday, Jack Paid Member

    I first discovered the buddhadharma through the novels of Jack Kerouac, as a junior in high school. One of my best pals, Ante V., and I read a lot of them together—Dharma Bums, Visions of Gerard, On the Road, Big Sur. We thought they were the bee's knees. So this weekend the two of us got together, along with my mad-poet cousin Tom, to celebrate the late novelist's life on his birthday, March 12. He would have been 89. In Kerouac's honor, we recreated a famous picture of him that was taken by Allen Ginsberg by Tomkins Square in the Fall of 1953. More »
  • Is Radiohead’s "Lotus Flower" a Buddhist lotus flower? Paid Member

    This guest blog post comes our way from Keepaway's Nick Nauman. See our short interview with him here. In the video for Radiohead’s new single, “Lotus Flower,” Thom Yorke dances. That’s it. He just wriggles and gyrates with an intensity that reminds me of the more physically engaged Buddhist practice I’ve seen in super-cool video esoterica and Indian monasteries. He looks like an art nerd doing his best impression of Charlie Chaplin as a lama dancer. Have you ever seen a really deep Tibetan start to fly? Thom Yorke’s twitchy boogie seems to go for that rigor-cum-spasmodicism.  More »
  • Dismantling a Three-Headed, Six-Armed Buddha Paid Member

    The large "Three Heads Six Arms" buddha sculpture, by Chinese artist Zhang Huan, was being removed from San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza yesterday. The 26-foot sculpture had been there since May to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the city's sister-city relationship with Shanghai, China.  Check out The San Francisco Examiner to see a slideshow of the sculpture being dismantled.To see Zhang Huan's large "Three Legged Buddha," click here. More »
  • Cliff-Jumping with Cambodian Monks Paid Member

    This guest blogpost comes our way from Alex Tzelnic, a writer currently traveling in Cambodia. More »
  • Sento-kun: Half-Deer, Half-Buddha Boy Paid Member

    A couple of years ago, Sento-kun, a half-deer, half-Buddha boy mascot, was chosen to represent the 1,300th anniversary of Japan's ancient capital being relocated to Nara. At first, the baby-faced boy with antlers (the deer is considered a sacred animal in Nara) was not well-received. Many found it ugly and disrespectful toward Buddha. Now, however, Sento-kun—designed by Satoshi Yabuuchi, a sculptor and professor at Tokyo University of the Arts—is being praised by Nara authorities for the amount of attention that he has brought to the city. More »