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    Fragments of News Paid Member

    Here's a post on Buddhism and Psychology found accidentally on Digg. (Brains of meditators were compared with typical brains and interesting things were found, etc.) And here's a German theologian talking about why Germans like Buddhism more than they like Christianity: Buddhism, in the West, is perceived as being free from dogmas, as a religion without many rules. It is a religion that's turned to the inside and that emphasizes meditation. More »
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    It Was, Then It Wasn't Paid Member

    I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Savatthi in Jeta's grove, Anathapindika's monastery. Now at that time the Blessed One sat reflecting on the various evil, unskillful qualities that had been abandoned [in him] and on the various skillful qualities that had gone to the culmination of their development. Then as he realized the various evil, unskillful qualities that had been abandoned [in him] and the various skillful qualities that had gone to the culmination of their development, he on that occasion exclaimed: Before, it was, then it wasn't. Before, it wasn't, then it was. It wasn't, won't be & now isn't to be found. [Udana (Exclamations) VI.3, from Handful of Leaves 4, An Anthology from the Khuddaka Nikaya, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, © 2003] More »
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    Symbols, Punks, Geeks Paid Member

    When I type "Buddhist" into Google, the wise and witty search engine promptly suggests "Buddhist symbols" as the search I should perform. I wonder why? I blame Body Vows. When you think "Buddhist Punk," you may picture Brad Warner or Noah Levine. But Google Images thinks of this. Buddhist Geeks is interviewing artist and Naropa professor Robert Spellman. Cool. - Philip Ryan, Webmaster More »
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    Killing the Buddha Reloaded Paid Member

    I happened to click over to Killing the Buddha today and noticed they've more or less relaunched in a new bloggy way. Part of the blogization of the world, I guess. In ten years there will be no more jobs, no more people nor wars nor car accidents nor even credit card debt -- everything will just be blogs. Well, there may still be credit card debt floating around. More »
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    Tibet: Open for Business Paid Member

    Tourists, rejoice! Sure, you may have to wait all day in the summer heat to get tickets to the Potala Palace, but now Tibet is open in the winter too! No more long lines! No more hot dusty streets! Just cool, refreshing ice and snow. Beijing is working Tibet into the Olympics, starting with the torch on Everest. But more generally they are planning to transform Tibet entirely, as they expect its quaint charm to be a tourist draw for Olympic visitors. More »
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    Eat Your Goji Berries Paid Member

    A lot of Buddhists have become interested in yoga in recent years. Many meditators have expressed a need to "get in touch with their bodies," while others, not so interested, find enough in the Satipatthana Sutta to keep them going for a lifetime. If you are the stretching type, you might want to check out a few cautionary tales in yesterday's New York Times. A lech with a yoga mat may just get your leotard in a twist. More »